Are Ghosts Real or Not? Yes they Are. Find out Why!

Are Ghosts Real or Not? IAC Has an Answer

Are Ghosts Real or Not?

Ghost sightings are part of our culture. Chances are that you have heard someone talk about it, or at least know someone who knows someone else that has seen one, even if you have not done so yourself. So the question is: are ghosts real or not?


What is a Ghost?

The starting point of this kind of discussion requires definitions. We can define ghosts as having three main characteristics: (1) they are not alive; (2) they are not in this world; and (3) they can somehow interact with our world.

From the conscientiology perspective, a ghost is a consciousness like us, however a consciousness without a physical body. In other words, a ghost is a consciousness in the period between one life and the next, a person that died and is not born yet into the next physical body.

In that sense, spirits, souls are also consciousnesses or “people”. The key difference between them and us is that we have a physical body.

Ghosts are in another place compared to us. This “place” has received many names throughout history: the other side, astral plane, heaven, and so on. We know that this place is beyond the dimension that we live in, so the technical name I will use for this place is an extraphysical dimension.

So, are ghosts real or not? Yes, ghosts are the native (and temporary) inhabitants of the extraphysical dimension. Because they are consciousnesses like us, we call them “extraphysical consciousnesses”.

Ghosts are between one life and the next, in the period that we call “intermissive”. Ghosts, or extraphysical consciousnesses, can be more or less aware (lucid) of the fact that they are no longer alive.


What do Ghosts Look Like?

Quite often people see a fleeting image of a spirit passing by in the periphery of their field of vision. A ghost, or an extraphysical consciousness, is normally seen as a semi-transparent figure. Ghosts typically can be seen through, as the body they use to manifest themselves is not physical like the human body we use.

More rarely, the ghost sighting can be very clear, as if a physical person was standing there. The appearance of the extraphysical consciousnesses is a reflection of their astral body (or psychosoma), one of the bodies that they are left with after passing away and discarding their physical one. Seeing a non-physical person in front of you can be impactful, and people often miss details of the experience due to an emotional reaction.

Extraphysical consciousnesses can show energies around themselves, at times with a mild glow around their astral bodies. The brightness of this energy can also be very intense and a common misconception is to associate this brightness with how evolved that consciousness is. Brightness simply means that the extraphysical consciousness has a good amount of energies, not that it is evolved. You would have to look at factors other than the visual appearance of the ghost to determine the degree of awareness and overall knowledge of that spirit.

At times, we can only see the upper part of the body, or only from the shoulder level up, and at times only the head. Quite frequently only the energies of the ghost become visible. An example of the manifestation of the energies of the ghost is sparks or agglomerations of bright spots moving in an area where the face of the extraphysical consciousness would be.

We can also perceive the presence of these entities without any visual or energetic indication. In this case we simply “feel” that there is someone in a certain room or next to us. This presence can also be detected by specific patterns of thought and sentiment associated with the person that is there, in a dimension that is not the physical one.


What Makes it Possible for Someone to see a Ghost?

Ghosts can be seen through clairvoyance, a psychic ability that allows us to see dimensions that are not accessible through physical sight. Clairvoyance is also the ability that is used to see auras and energies.

Another possibility is that the extraphysical consciousness gathers enough dense energies to the point it becomes physically visible. This process is called materialization and requires a source of dense energies and a ghost with an ability to work with those energies. The source of dense energies can be a living person, a group of living people and sometimes animals and plants. Materialization would also allow for other types of interaction with the extraphysical consciousness, such as physical touch or even a handshake, raps, and other noises, however a full materialization is a phenomenon that happens less frequently.

Materialization and clairvoyance are not mutually exclusive and sometimes happen in tandem, in a phenomenon called semi-materialization. In this case, the ghosts will make their astral body (psychosoma) more dense, but not to the point that it becomes visible through the physical eyes of the observer. The densification of the psychosoma of the ghost makes it easier for someone to see it through clairvoyance, since this type of psychic ability allows an easier observation of dense energetic manifestations. Since semi-materialization requires less energy, it tends to happen more frequently.

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