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Everything you ever wanted to know about astral projection (OBE, out-of-body experience) is answered here.

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How long does it take to astral project?

There are people who have spontaneous OBEs, meaning they simply have the experience without any preparation or applying a technique. In these cases, the projective ability or the individual capacity of leaving the body without any personal effort is a type of an intelligence that this person carries. This could be the result from previous lives as well as due to an accumulation of psychic experiences. When someone wishes to leave the body with lucidity and control, considering that this person has never had any kind of experience before, or someone who wishes to improve their existing capacity, more often than not, it will require a proper training and maintenance.

For each of us the training process is different from the beginning. For instance, most of the OBE techniques are effective but not for all of us equally. So ideally, you need to find a technique that fits with your personality as well as motivates you. This is the first step to speed up this process. Besides the constant training and application of the technique that you like, it is essential to get to a point where you can have a lucid and controlled experience. To achieve this, you will need to create space in your routine where you apply a daily technique. The technique itself might last 30 minutes only, but what is important is for you to try daily.

Consider that what you are doing is developing a new intelligence. Similar to how you might learn to play a piano through the dedication of time and effort, you will need to do the same to have a lucid OBE. There are other factors that also influence the timeframe for you to develop lucid projections: level of stress, motions, personal problems and conflicts, place where you will apply your technique, and most importantly your bioenergetical condition. Make the time to apply the techniques on a daily basis, in a proper place, with the right set of mind and you can manage to have an OBE within a few weeks of starting training.

How do I know if I had an out-of-body experience?

This is a subject that is worth a longer answer. In order to address this properly, we would need to cover the differences between the various phenomena that commonly happen when you put your physical body to sleep every night.

So how do you know when you have an out of body experience? There are a few things that are strong indications that an OBE just happened to you. For example, an energetic shower, a pleasant sensation of strong flows of energy throughout your body right when you wake up, is an indication that you had an OBE. This occurs usually because you collected energy with your astral body (psychosoma) while flying around.


Another energy-related sensation is the vibrational state (VS). While most people make references to the VS in the take-off phase of the OBE, entering a vibrational state right when you wake up can indicate that you just returned from an out-of-body experience.

When trying to evaluate if it was an OBE or a dream, you can check if the details of the experience stay in your memory throughout the day. Dream memories are typically short lived, and unless you write them down or make an effort to remember the details, the experience will fade within an hour or so. An OBE, on the other hand, tends to stay in your memory for much longer, often for the whole day and in some cases for years or even a lifetime.

Do you recommend herbs for out of body experience?

Projectiology, a science that studies the projection of the consciousness or OBEs, offers the idea that each human being, while sleeping, eventually leaves the body and experiences other realities or dimensions that are non-physical. This ability does not require any elaborate preparation or special predisposition. All of us, independently of race, sex, age, religion or aptitude, have the ability of leaving the body and can provoke this phenomenon at will. The main obstacle why we do not have more spontaneous and lucid OBEs is because we do not train and were not educated to develop this ability. Therefore OBEs can be difficult to achieve, since we never applied time and effort to develop them in the first place.

When people try to have OBEs while using techniques, when they do not achieve results, normally they will tend to try different methodologies including the usage of herbs in order to intensify or speed up this process. Besides it being harmful to your body and health, in the case of herbs, it also impacts your level of lucidity and control when leaving the body. These two are very important attributes for anyone who truly wishes to be a professional in leaving the body. You do not want to leave the body and feel drunk or drugged outside of it. You need your full attention and mental capacities in order to have the best results from this experience.

So herbs or any kind of substance, such as teas, or even smells, when interfering with your nervous system, are negative and useless in the long term process. Your will power and personal motivation are the most important attributes that everyone would need if they wish to leave the body with proper control.

Can you tell me how to control the vibrational state?

One of the most common questions that we receive is how to control the vibrational state (VS). If our readers want an answer that is very simple and straight forward, it is: practice, practice and practice.

The IAC recommends anyone to train the vibrational state at least twenty times daily. Since the vibrational state is an energetic technique that is controlled by your will, each person needs to apply will and personal organisation in order to schedule the application of the vibrational state technique twenty times per day. This means that if you put on an alarm or if your mobile beeps every 40 minutes starting from around 9AM, you will have enough time during the day to try to achieve VS 20 times.

In this process of controlling the vibrational state, you will find moments of your day in which you are more focused on the technique, and at other moments when you are less so, however the idea is to try to give yourself at least 5 minutes to work with your energies. You can start with the movement of energies from your head to your feet, and from there on increase as much as possible until you feel your entire body vibrating. You may choose moments during your day where you are taking a shower, eating breakfast, waiting for the elevator, waiting for somebody to answer the phone, after lunch, before you go to sleep, and many others. In all of these cases, the idea is to find a moment of the day when you have the possibility of controlling your energies with a minimum amount of effort and attention, but still in an efficient manner.

If twenty times is not feasible in the beginning, you may try 5 times and from there on can increase the times that you try to achieve the VS. Also reading and understanding better what the VS means will help the practitioner to deepen the practice of this technique.

For further information on How to Achieve Vibrational State refer to our article’s section.

Can you please tell me how to have a natural out of body experience?

The question of how to have a natural out of body experience is a very important one. For any person on this planet developing this ability is fundamental in order to understand our own reality as a consciousness.

We are not the physical body, we do not have one life only, we also do not exist in one dimension only. Our existences and lives are multiple, and only a lucid out of body experience can show this reality to the individual directly. It is through a personal experience that one can truly understand what our lives really are as well as what the objective is for us to become human beings for a certain time period in each life.

The IAC teaches how to have a natural out of body experience by offering several different techniques. Anyone can choose one or more techniques and apply them several times until they have had a successful and lucid OBE. Basically, anyone can leave the body naturally and spontaneously, but by applying a technique you might increase your chances of having one.

A proper methodology and the application of techniques can intensify your projective ability. Also the energetic technique called the Vibrational State, once you master it, will give you a better chance and possibility of having a natural OBE. This is a simple technique which consists of creating a daily written diary of any type of memory that one recalls when waking up in the morning. Each morning, before you get out of bed, write down anything that comes to your mind, and practice this for at least a month. With time, you will be able to help your physical brain to recall the experiences as well as to increase your lucidity while projecting.

Your personal motivation towards having an OBE is your best tool. Keep practicing the techniques, we are wishing you good multidimensional travels!


What is the difference between remote viewing and astral projection or clairvoyance? How can people analyse their experiences correctly?

I think that people confuse OBE and Dreams simply because dreams are a much more popular topic. When I was younger I had OBEs and I would say to people: today I had a funny dream; I dreamt I was flying outside this planet! So, because my family doesn’t have information on the topic, they would say I am a dreamer (as in dreaming too much).

But later at IAC I understood that some of what I called dreams were actually OBEs, and that this could have happened to anyone. So the main difference is very simple: ordinary dreams occur inside of the physical brain, and OBEs (lucid or not) occur outside of the physical brain.

Another good difference is that I could leave my physical body and project in a place where there was other people I knew. We could observe the environment and communicate with each other, to later return to our homes and in the morning call each other to compare our experience. This is what happens with joint projections, only possible in an OBE and not in a dream.

Have you ever had a dream -let’s use the word dream for now- where you were flying or falling? Or in which you had good control over the events? Well, some of these experiences might have being OBE, since these are caractheristics of the OBE.

So, in order to help interested people in knowing more about dreams vs OBEs, I would like to suggest in order to get a better understanding of the experience to place a notepad close to your bed. Each morning, preferably before you get out of the bed, make a note of any ideas that came to your memory; anything; do not filter things in or out, do not add, do not guess, simply write down whatever comes to your mind. With time and memory improvement you will be able to clear distinguish between both.

How about children having out of body experiences? How would you advise me as a parent to deal with this as well as any other psychic experiences they may have?

This is really important, if there’s any parents reading this and might have heard their children saying something along the lines of: who is this person in the living room? (and you don’t see anyone there), or why grandpa is here today? (and grandpa has passed away a while back)… etc.

Please first look these things carefully, consider that there is a possibility behind what they’re saying and engage in the conversation and deal with as if you are believing it. If they ask you: can you see it? tell the truth (i.e: No, I do not see it) but do let them know that this is a capacity they have although you don’t.

That does not mean it is negative. IAC has developed a DVD with fantastic images that might help parents throughout this educational process; so communication and engagement is important. As there are children that have the ability of playing piano at the age of 5, your child is parapsychic and can interact with other dimensions. t

This is not Hollywood; this is reality.

Can you tell me what does having an out of body experience mean and also the benefits of out of body experience

We observe that people leaving the body can recall previous lives much more frequently than while in the physical body.

The reason for this is actually very logical. The physical brain “belongs” to this current life, and therefore doesn’t hold any memories of past lives because it didn’t exist then. But the brain of the subtle body did exist during all of our past lives and periods between lives. So it’s much easier to access memories of our past when we’re outside the body and using what is called the para-brain.

There are several benefits involved. First, if you can recall a past life (maybe more than one) you might remember some mistakes you made for which you ended up paying a heavy price for. And so the memory allows you to learn from that without having to repeat the experience in this life. Or, you might recall a past life and see that you were suffering from a shortcoming or limitation that you still suffer from in this life.

Wagner Alegretti, president of the IAC, wrote a book on Retrocognitions. I thought he was very clever and one of the few authors to offer the thought that an important retrocognition is actually the idea of recalling the period in between lives. The hypothesis is that we have had previous lives to this one. We also have periods between those lives; in which we might have to reevaluate our past as well as plan our future (meaning this current life). So; if we can recall what we are supposed to be doing now, we might feel more productive; and we will be more assertive and at the end of the day also happy with our performance.

In your experience as an instructor teaching these topics to people of many different nationalities, can you explain to me how to have a successful out of body experience? Can you describe a simple technique?

There is no guarantee of success. IAC studies over 40 techniques and depending on our own personal preference we might choose one over the other. What I can say with certainty is that if you learn some techniques and persist for a while in applying them you will come out!

All the techniques that IAC teaches either via the publications or our courses are techniques that have proved to be successful -meaning people have applied them and have had OBEs. You see, IAC has been teaching for over 20 years now, OBE as well as bioenergetics techniques. We are professionals on the topics and our students are invited to try to produce the OBE in a technical, structured way.

We have been studying, applying and implementing different types and models of techniques. Nelson Abreu -a researcher and instructor at IAC in California- has recently proposed a new OBE technique which is fantastic and is now taught in a new course. Students are applying this technique worldwide, so IAC is always improving whatever it is that is necessary to motivate people to at least give it a try.

Techniques are tools, but then we have to apply these tools. If I’m trying a technique and I’m anxious, or nervous or irritated, I might be using the best technique in the world to leave the body lucidly, but it will not work. If I’m applying a technique, but my physical body is cold, I will not be able to relax enough to leave the body. If my mindset is somehow against the possibility of leaving the body I will not be able to do so.

IAC has this course called Consciousness Development Program which is divided in 4 modules. I had a student that had done modues 1 to 3 with us. He came to me and said: “I do not think I’m capable of leaving the body but I will try again”. So I gave him some guidance and he applied the first technique on that day. In the middle of the technique, where all the students are supposed to be laying down, quietly, this gentleman seats on the mattress and calls me. I ask him to say nothing, simply wait to the end of the practice. At the end of the practice he is the first one to say: “I can’t believe this projection thing, it’s true! I did not believe, but I saw… I left the body…”

This is a good example and afterwords this gentleman kept having more experiences. But it was the mindset that he previously had that didn’t allow him to be successful before.


The technique that I would like show you is called the psychosoma stretching technique. What happens is that the subtle body at the present moment is connected to the physical body (the OBE is the disconnection of this astral body, so you, as a consciousness, go out in it).

So based on this principle, the idea is for you to relax in a comfortable place -ideally alone-, so there’s no interference and you can focus on yourself only. Place the psychical body in the dorsal position (your back facing the mattress of the sofa for instance), separate your arms and legs a little, close your eyes, and from there on only pay attention to your body. Relax your mind.

The second part entails your focusing on one particular part of your body; let’s say, for example, your right hand, and give your attention, entirely, to that area. Give a mental command to your subtle body to stretch a couple of inches away from the connection of your body; follow that stretching movement with your attention, and then bring the subtle body back to the connection of your body.

Apply that technique a couple of times until you can feel something. Later you can try with your left hand, than legs and so on. The idea is to apply this technique with time and patience, step by step, no interruption. Some of our students mention that this technique might trigger a sense of balloonment, of feeling bigger in size. Simply enjoy these sensations and allow the subtle body to disconnected naturally.

In case that you do have an OBE, set a goal: a place, a person, or anything that you want to do outside the body and enjoy your experience!

Can you tell me how to remember an out of body experience?

When we are out of the body, we experience everything through the astral body, making it necessary to “download” the experience to the physical brain when we come back. Waking up without abrupt movements, slowly, allowing for a gradual reconnection process can facilitate the recall. So you should ideally use one of those alarm clocks that start very softly and increase the volume only after some time.

If you remember a portion of an OBE, try to make a summary of the experience in your head, as if you were describing it mentally to someone else. If you can repeat this summary to yourself before you move, even better. Recording the experience on paper – or by dictating it to a recorder – right after it happened can be very useful, as we will be getting more details of the experience while the recall is still “fresh”.

If you wake up after deep sleep stages in the beginning of the night you will have a better chance to recall an OBE, since the experience is generally associated with a sleep stage between the deep sleep and shallower, REM sleep. Most of us have one whole sleep cycle every 90 minutes, so you could try to wake up after the first or second sleep cycle, meaning one and a half or three hours counting from the time you went to sleep.

You can also try self-suggestion, repeating a few times a sentence like “I will have a lucid OBE tonight and will recall everything when I wake up”. It is best to do this after you lie down and relax in your bed, preparing for a night of sleep.

A keyword can be used during the OBE to try to link the experience out of body with the following waking state. For example, you could look at a specific building while out of the body and tell yourself the name of that building, and suggesting yourself to remember that name as soon as you wake up.

Another technique is to get a pen and few blank sheets of paper and spend three to five minutes writing anything you remember from the previous night, right after you wake up. At first, you will remember dreams. If you repeat this technique for several days you will tend to remember more and more dreams, and possibly run out of time if you wanted to write all the details you remember. At this point you can choose to write down only the more vivid dreams or key aspects of the experience. As you exercise the recall process with this technique you will eventually reach a point where you remember spontaneous out of body experiences that you had during the night.

State of consciousness 2

How does an out-of-body experience work?

A very common question from our students is: how does an out-of-body experience work? The answer might be not as simple as we would probably like it to be since it involves quite a lot of information that needs to be taken into account.

Still, I will try to explain briefly. An OBE is the separation of two bodies or vehicles of manifestation for the consciousness. When these two bodies get disconnected is when the OBE is taking place. The person then has the opportunity to experience this event both with lucidity and control.

So you may ask yourself: why am I not out of my physical body right now? The answer to this question lies in the fact that my physical body is not in a relaxed state; the muscles are in tension throughout the entire body, therefore the more subtle body (or psychosoma) – which is the body that we ‘use’ while out of the physical body, cannot disconnect that easily from the soma.

When my physical body is relaxed, and the energetic system within has expanded more, that’s when I can have a lucid and controlled OBE. So, in a nutshell, to answer your question of how does an out-of-body experience work, we can say that it occurs when the separation of the psychosoma from the physical body takes place. In order to achieve this result you might use a technique, or a certain methodology to help you disconnect your attention from your physical life and body – leading to a lucid OBE.

An energetic technique called Vibrational State might also provoke an OBE. When applying the Vibrational State the person involved might understand step by step the process called separation of the bodies. The thing to take into account here is that we all leave the body every night, wether we like it or not, wether we want it or not, wether we believe it or not. So an OBE is a natural process that happens to all of us when we’re sleeping and therefore the body is physically and energetically in a more relaxed state.

I always wondered with the out of body to wake up?

At IAC, during our classes, we normally give students the following advice: don’t worry about returning to your physical body while you’re projected (having an OBE). The reason we tell them this is simply because anything and everything really makes you return back to your physical body.

What I mean is that if someone called you from inside your home, for example telling you that the food is ready; or if your mobile phone started ringing or if you were hungry or thirsty or needed to go to the bathroom; or if there was a mosquito in your bedroom bothering you…. all of these circumstances or events as well as thousands of many others are physical reasons to make both bodies reconnect while you are in an out of body experience.

Also, while you are out of your body, simple reasons like thinking about it or thinking about your bedroom or your home are usually enough for you to immediately return to your body and wake up. There’s an energetic and constant connection between your physical body and the non-physical body. And because of this connection anything that happens to any of these two bodies within any of the dimensions, while they are apart, might have an influence on the stability of the bodies causing them to reconnect. The reconnection of the bodies might happen consciously or unconsciously; meaning that you might come back to your body and are lucid during the entire period of the reconnection so you would watch both bodies reconnect.

So, returning and reconnecting with your physical body is quick as well as an immediate reaction that takes place constantly while experiencing an OBE.

In fact, the most difficult thing to do is actually to remain projected, out of your body…

**Also you can read our How to Stop Out of Body Experience article – just click on the link and come back to this section if you need to ask any more questions or just leave a comment below the article.

I’ve been wondering how to have an out of body experience during sleep paralysis. Can you develop this further?

Sleep paralysis or projective catalepsy is a condition in which when the individual is waking up or falling asleep, he or she unexpectedly cannot move her/his physical body.

Although the body is completely paralysed, the person’s attention, self-awareness and lucidity is at its full capacity so he/she knows it is happening. Also, many times the individual feels what is called a “Double Sensation”. In the Double Sensation the individual knows what is happening in the physical body and dimension as well as the non-physical body and dimension. This way it is possible to feel the heaviness of the physical body and at the same time the lightness of the psychosoma.

The sleep paralysis simply means that you cannot move the body nor leave the body. This is a condition that lasts less than a minute although it feels it will last forever! This sensation creates anxiety and it is most definitely not pleasant; mainly because most people who experience it don’t know what it is or have previous information about it.

In case you ever experience it, there are two things you can do. The first one is for you to concentrate within a very small area of your physical body and try to move it; for example, your tongue, your eyebrows or the tip of one of your fingers. By doing this you will be able to bring both bodies to the connection and you will be able to move freely again.

The second option, and the one we recommend, is for you to make the effort of leaving the body, since you are already half way there. We recommend that you work with the Vibrational State; an energetic technique, and mobilise your energies to assist you to disconnect from your body…

I have the majority of OBE’s in a specific place, Im wondering why this would be? Im not at my most relaxed here but they happen at least every two nights if not every night and at least five times in that night? Just trying to figure out if there is any reason for this?I moved away from this place before as they got so violent.

Thank you for your question. There are a few reasons why you could go to a specific place during an OBE. To list a few:

1. You can be unconsciously evoking the place. If being there was a traumatic experience, as you hint when you mention the reason why you moved away, it can take a while for this to wear off.
2. Thinking in a way that resonates with ideas that are very strong in that place.
3. Spirits (extraphysical consciousnesses) connected to that place may be taking you there.
4. Your helpers might be taking you there because there is someone or some process that you could assist with. This is usually related to improving groupkarmic links by helping others. Helpers don’t insist, especially not if this causes you to be distressed. You can use so this as a reference to know if this could be what you are experiencing.

If you think the connection to the place is not productive, a very important measure is to learn how to work with energies to interrupt this process. I recommend the VELO and the VS as a first measure, as described in the article “How to reach a vibrational state”.

What is a good technique for losing the fear of having an OBE and seeing things?

The first thing you can do to overcome fear of non-physical dimensions is to learn how to work with your energies. You will feel a lot more confident when you get to the point where you can move your own energies at will, and perceive them clearly.

You can read the rest of the answer here: Overcoming Fear of OBE.

I’ve been trying, with some regularity, to induce the lucid projection for about a month now. I have had many encouraging sensations, voices, stirring sub-conscious activity and so on. But recently I get so far and then just fall asleep. And now this just happens all the time. Please help me out, if you can, what can I do?

It seems like you are losing lucidity while trying to get out of the body. As you probably know, the trick is to put the physical body to sleep while you, the consciousness, stay awake.

One thing that helps is to aim for a slow, controlled relaxation as your physical body drifts towards the sleep state. This makes it easier for you to maintain the lucidity in the OBE attempt.

If you are tired, for example, the tendency is for you to go into the sleep state quickly but it will be much harder to stay lucid. If you try your OBE attempt after sleeping for eight hours your relaxation will be slower. You can try to wake up one or two hours before your normal wake up time to get faster or slower relaxation times.

Depending on how many sleep hours your body needs and how it reacts with lack of sleep, it may be a good idea to saturate yourself with sleep hours, sleeping, say, 10 or 12 hours, and trying the OBE after that.

A classic method to avoid a quick lucidity loss is to hold something heavy in one hand, like a full and sealed soda can, with the forearm pointing towards the ceiling. The position requires control of certain muscles in your arm and if you lose lucidity, the soda can will drop and you wake up. As the process repeats you could reach a point where your physical body is deeply relaxed and you retained enough lucidity to start your out-of-body experience.

Have great experiments!

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