Find Out About Bio Energy Healing: How Does it Work and Types


In order to answer this specific topic, we need to look at an overview of the bioenergies.

Two Types of Energy

There are two types of energy that Projectiology (the science that studies Out-of-body experiences and bioenergies) dedicates its research to: immanent and consciential energies.

The difference between the two is that immanent energies are those energies we find within our planet; basically the energies from Nature: the ground, water, plants, flowers, air, the cosmos, the sun and so on.

The immanent energies have not been created by anyone per se, they belong to the environment and settings of our planet. These energies are easily absorbed by our physical bodies when we eat, drink, breath, touch the ground, take a shower, walk in a park, etc, etc. Essentially, they are absorbed in any activity that allows us to get in touch with the particular environment they belong to.

Our bodies then absorb these energies and utilize them for their own benefit and subsistence.

Can We Live Without the Energies?

The answer is no, we can’t; at least not within this dimension. NO human being can survive unless there is absorption of this immanent energy.

Once these energies are in contact with us, with our bodies, the transformation occurs. We are consciousnesses using the physical body temporarily in this physical dimension, so by absorbing these energies we impregnate them with our thoughts/ideas and sentiments/emotions in a way that these energies then change into another type. This type is called: consciential energy, which is energy that now belongs to the consciousness and therefore has a different quality.

The quality of our thoughts and sentiments are the main “ingredients” when it comes to help or heal people.

So the Bioenergy Healing… How Does it Work Exactly?

The bioenergy healing works when we send our consciential energies to another person or being in any place or dimension. Your consciential energies are transmitted to the person in need and from there, the healing takes place if the quality of your energies is strong, positive and has the right amount of thoughts and sentiments in order to allow this person to use it for his or her own benefit and healing.

The healing takes place through a transfusion of energies, where on the one side we have the one person with more as well as better quality of energies, and on the other we have someone in need.

Finally, the more you can control the energies, the more you will be able to heal people and animals or even plants that are in need, each time using better quality of thoughts and sentiments.

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    Hello Karen, thank you very much for your post. IAC has several classes and books on Energy Healing, hopefully you can stop by in one of our centers and meet us. Regards. IAC UK

  2. Great post, very helpful. What is energy healing? I think it is more than just resolving old hurts and letting go of the past; it is also about changing your foundational structures and patterns.

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