Bioenergy (chi, prana)

What are bioenergies?

Bioenergies, as the name implies, encompass all forms of energy in life, including the energies of plants, animals, and all other living things.

Human beings are open systems. We exchange energies with the environment in which we live. The more familiar sources of bioenergy are nutrients (food and drink), plants, sun, sea and the air we breathe. These types of primary, immanent energies are the major sources of energy absorbed by living creatures. Conscientiology refers to this impersonal type of energy as immanent energy, however, different cultures throughout history have given it several names, such as cosmic energy, prana, chi, primary energy, vital energy, subtle energy, orgone, etc. Regardless of the terminology used, they all refer to the same type of energy.

When we, as human beings, produce thoughts and emotions, we transform immanent energy (universal, neutral) into consciential energy (personal, unique). We always think and feel, and we imprint on our consciential energy the information coming from our thoughts and emotions. Consciential energy, then, is composed of immanent energy, absorbed from nature, plus an individual’s pattern of thoughts and emotions, generated by the bodies in the individual’s holosoma (soma, energosoma, psychosoma, mentalsoma).

All human consciousnesses have a bioenergetic body, the energosoma, which manifests internally throughout the soma (physical body) and extends beyond the soma by about 1 – 2 cm.  Everyone also has an extraphysical sphere of bioenergy which extends for about 4 meters (12 feet) in all directions from the physical head.

Does energetic “vampirization” exist? How can it be avoided?

Most people are unaware of bioenergetic processes, they ignore the internal realisation that they are lacking something in their life, often affection, and in turn can easily become energetic vampires. Often these people remain unidentified by their victims who may exhibit sudden fatigue, apathy, sleepiness, etc.

It is necessary to seek accurate technical information in order to resolve situations like this through the clarification of how the process of energetic vampirization (or in conscientiological terms, interconsciential intrusion) occurs, instead of merely resorting to superstition or non-technical explanations.

Developing energetic prophylaxis and self-defence, which can be achieved through the control of the vibrational state, is the most efficient way to avoid suffering from energetic vampirization.

Is there any relationship between bioenergy and physical and mental fatigue, irritability, sudden bad moods, aggressive behaviour without any apparent cause, and generalized discomfort?

Yes, there is a direct connection between the health of our energetic system and our emotional well-being. Processes of emotional imbalance, like those mentioned above, customarily indicate a bioenergetic imbalance. Not rarely a person will feel extremely tired after an argument, involving negative emotions such as grief, jealousy, or resentment, since s/he loses a lot of energy in the process.


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