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Projections of the Consciousness: A Diary of Out-of-Body Experiences

Dr. Waldo Vieira, MD

The 60 events reported in this work were chosen to provide a full spectrum of what awaits us beyond this physical dimension.

Dr. Vieira relates events in non-physical communities, the profiles of which include: education, assistance to consciousnesses in need, assistance in the transition of biological death, and preparation for upcoming physical existence. His out-of-body encounters range from those involving disoriented non-physical consciousnesses, to interactions with highly evolved consciousnesses. Projections of the Consciousness also narrates the attainment of a total expansion of consciousness and transcendence of the space-time continuum.

The high quality of the OBEs described offers a broad overview of the phenomenon. At the end of each report, the author comments on the experience, giving information that helps the reader to produce his or her own experiences.

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Retrocognitions: An investigation into memories of past lives and the periods between lives

Wagner Alegretti – IAC President

In Retrocognitions, Brazilian engineer and consciousness researcher Wagner Alegretti analyzes past-life recall in a comprehensive way rarely found in other books on the subject. Many books have been written about memories of past lives, some based on case histories from hypnosis sessions, others based on painstaking research with children who report past lives. But such approaches, while invaluable, can only give a glimpse of the greater context for this experience.

Alegretti first introduces core concepts about memory and consciousness that lay a foundation for the discussions to come. He then anatomises all aspects of the retrocognition phenomenon, beginning with an analysis of possible objects of the experience, possible subjects, possible causes, and the varying degrees of certainty that are attainable. He then details related phenomena such as clairvoyance, déjà vu, intuition, and the out-of-body experience. He also registers states of consciousness within which the phenomenon may be experienced, including dream, nightmare, and hypnotic trance. He also sets out a number of factors that can help induce the experience, including music, emotional states, historical films, scents, hypnagogic period, hypnosis, energetic connection with objects, places, people, travel, and self-analysis.

Beyond the core analysis, a number of techniques are given for inducing the experience, as well as several means of optimising one’s chances of success. These include energetic techniques that lead to increased mental, emotional, and energetic balance.

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