Can Ethics be Taught and Learned? The Answer is in You!

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So, can ethics be taught and learned? Some things cannot exactly be taught but they can and should be learned. You will probably find out that what you need to learn is already inside you, but has not yet been looked at, it has not yet become conscious to you.

After all living is a journey of discovery and reinvention.

What are Ethics?

Ethics are a set of rules and values by which to go by.

All existing human codes of ethics are relative and rule the good functionality of an activity (for example: a science); a group of people (for example a tribe, a state, a nation; or even an entire civilisation, in a given moment in time within Human history.

There are therefore many codes of ethics and not just one that fits all groups and needs, for all time.

Principles and Values

Let us try and clarify the difference between principles and values.

Every average mentally balanced consciousness internally knows right from wrong. This inner knowledge is there, deeply ingrained and prior to any attempts of rationalisation, manipulation or distortion.

Ethics and morals have hence been carried in the inside before they were brought out and became ‘written’ codes of conduct. However, most human beings still believe that ethic and moral codes are being imposed on them.

Before the construct of gender, identity, and the social being, every consciousness is born with its very own level of cosmoethics, and a determined set of principles to which it feels compelled to obey.

Values, how to conform to a group or different groups can be learnt later all along physical life, as the set of values pertaining to a group delimit in their specificity the functionality of that specific group. An example of one of the most basic values permeating the codes of many different cultures and religions: “Thou shalt not kill

However, one cannot kill a consciousness. Death is but the termination or deactivation of a body-suit within a physical period of life of a consciousness.

As for the principles by which the consciousness obeys they became and therefore are> integral part of the consciousness’ own private luggage and inheritance of itself, its self-relay, and a product of all the choices and learning made through all its past lives in the physical dimension, and also during the extraphysical periods spent in between them.

Examples of principles: Cosmoethics itself, Fraternity, Universalism.

Ethics and Cosmoethics

Now ethics only apply to physical consciousnesses and most of them are about the benefits of behaving a certain way. These are the values that vary from culture to culture, civilization to civilization.

Cosmoethics in turn is a principle that does not apply only to intraphysical consciousnesses. It applies to all existing consciousnesses in the Cosmos either they are at the moment manifesting through a physical body or not.

Can Ethics be taught?

Can Ethics, morals and values be taught? The dedicated groups try to teach them, to remind them, to actualise them, to bring them to the mind of the members of their communities, but mostly they can be learnt.

And we can ask ourselves: can principles be taught? Principles can only be learnt, in the sense that they are the legacy of each consciousness, as they are the product of the learning achieved by this consciousness from ancient times and all its past until today.

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