CDP Advanced 1: Self-knowledge


Which road to choose?

Deepen your self-awareness.

Allow yourself to be helped. Accelerate your evolution!

September 6th to 8th, 2013
London, UK

The “CDP-Advanced 1: Self-knowledge,” the first of the advanced courses (after the CDP4), and has a different style than other IAC activities. The Advanced 1 lasts an entire weekend, starting on Friday afternoon (September 6 at 1:00PM), and ending on Sundayafternoon (September 8 at 4:30PM). The course is offered in a very comfortable and pleasant hotel.

Who can take the Advanced 1?

Students who have already taken CDP4 and who now want to:
• Discover the direction of their own existential program, or life task
• Grow in their evolution
• Reinforce their interaction with extraphysical helpers
• Become aware of personal weak traits that are hindering their progress
• Become aware of personal strong traits to accelerate their evolution
• Plan strategies to make inner life changes (personal recycling)
• Discern, if appropriate, the reason for the obstruction in bioenergetic development
• Learn techniques to develop the mentalsoma

Why in a hotel?

The main objective of the course is to study the evolution and existential program of the participants. Lodged in a hotel and without the interferences or distractions of our daily life, participants can better take advantage of the time to reflect about themselves and their lives. In this special environment, participants are able to perform a profound self-analysis to identify their own consciential attributes.

What activities are included in an Advanced 1?

Advanced 1 includes a number of activities, such as energy exercises, videoprojections, diverse classes, and group discussion.

Classes are held in smaller groups and classroom seating is arranged in a circle to allow a greater group interaction between participants and instructors. All participants will receive specific forms after each class, that will help them perform a self-analysis regarding the subject addressed during the class. Forms are for the private use of each student, and they serve as a guide so to be able to evaluate in the future your progress and growth.

Advanced 1 is an advanced, transformative program designed for people who have completed CDP4, are ready to take the next step towards personal renewal and self-research. At the same time, it is a requisite for Advanced 2. Advanced 2 happens once a year in Europe. This year the Advanced 2 will in November 1 to 3, 2013 at the IAC Campus in Portugal.

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Interested in personal evolution? Here is our chance.

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