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The CDP Extension Series
CDP 5: Latest Theoretical and Technical Advances

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  • Extraphysical Reurbanization
  • Interplanetary Transmigration
  • Reurbanized Consciousness
  • Paragenetics
  • Parasociology & Parahistory


  • How to be more energetically self-sufficient.
  • To identify energetic influences coming from different sources.
  • Establish auric coupling
  • 8 energy techniques and exercises.
  • To identify characteristics of consceners (energetically draining people).


“CDP 5 was designed to put the latest developments in Conscientiology to practical use in the life of the student”


Pioneering Look Behind the Scenes

CDP 5 is a 10-hour course and the first module of the Extension Series and is comprised of four 2.5-hour classes and discussion. Reflecting the IAC’s priority of practical training for students.Much of the material for this course comes from major works still to be translated into English such as 700 Experiments of Conscientiology, Encyclopedia of Conscientiology and Homo Sapiens Reurbanizatus (HSR).

HSR is an unparalleled and truly pioneering look behind the scenes of multidimensional planetary changes, through direct observations and without exaggerated mysticism. It includes extraphysical findings that can be verified through students’ own experiences that are apparent in trends from daily life that we may not notice and might overlook. Pre-requisite: Completion of CDP parts 1 through 4 (40 hours, 16 classes)

10 Hour Course

First module of the extension series

  • Evolutionary Scale
  • Assistential Techniques
  • Parasociology
  • Evidence of Extraphysical Reurbanization
  • Psychic Development Techniques for in and out of the body
  • Evolutionary Intelligence and techniques to accelerate your evolution
  • Two of the 2.5 hour classes are composed of all-new individual exercises and group dynamic setups for working with Bioenergies and developing parapsychism
  • And much more…!


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