CDP Module 3 Starting the 11th of May (Saturday & Sunday) at 1 PM

The Module 3 of the CDP is comprised of 5 hours of theoretical and 5 hours of entirely practical exercises (Application of OBE techniques and energy exercises). The objective of the CDP 3 is to broaden our understanding and understanding of the evolution of the consciousness altered states and their relations with Out-of-the Body experiences. We will study subjects such as:

  • Projections in the mental body
  • Cosmoconsciousness (nirvana, samadhi, cosmic consciousness)
  • Lucidity – increasing our awareness
  • Types of intelligence
  • Integral maturity
  • Cosmoethics (multidimensional ethics)
  • Self-analysis and personal evolution

The course will also allow students to further development and study techniques that stimulate energetic and psychic development

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IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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