CDP – Part 4 – Sat, March 23, 1pm – Sun, March 24, 7pm

Sat, March 23, 1pm – Sun, March 24, 7pm

Consciousness Development Programme Molude 4. The Consciousness Development Programme (CDP) is the IAC’s core curricular programme. It offers the most comprehensive, transformative body of information that you are likely to find anywhere about life’s most fundamental questions integrated a wide range of themes. The CDP gives students a cohesive, verifiable framework for understanding themselves and their relationships, examining who we are, what happens when we die, and even why we are here.

CDP4 covers:

10 hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)

  • Karma and past lives
  • Existential program (life purpose)
  • Techniques for accelerating our evolution
  • The period between lives
  • Evolutionary levels
  • Characteristics of highly evolved consciousnesses
  • Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development
  • Application of OBE techniques

IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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