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The Conscientiogram is a self-evaluation tool to help you get a broad measure of your consciential maturity.

The goal of the book is to give you tools to analyse the human being in a holistic way, and it goes beyond what any other model has ever achieved in the past.

In this book, Dr. Waldo Vieira portrays the consciousness as something that is beyond the soul, personality or ego. The result is that the consciousness truly is the essence that resides within a set of vehicles, or bodies, which enable it to interact with the physical world. Not only that, but it is also able to access multiple levels or dimensions of consciential manifestations.

The Conscientiogram allows you to study the various personal attributes that make up your personality, using a deep and wide-ranging approach.

The book takes the Homo Sapiens Serenissimus as the archetype of the most advanced consciential maturity achievable by humanity. This is an advanced evolutionary level, characterised by the complete command and control of bioenergetics, serenity, universal assistance to all of humanity and a comprehensive understanding of cosmoethics.

The Conscientiogram refers to over 100 evaluative parameters and more than 2,000 attributes that will provide a broad measure of your level of consciential evolution.

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