Consciousness Development Program Module 2 Coming Up Soon – 15th and 16th from 1 PM

The Module 2 of the Consciousness Development Program (CDP) is comprise of 10 hours of theoretical and practical exercises to induce Out-of-Body Experiences (5 hours of theoretical and 5 hours practical classes).

 The module 2 of the CDP has the objective to allow students to understand better altered state of consciousness looking at difference between OBE seen as an altered state and other altered state of consciousness as a whole.

This module also goes deeper into the understanding of interaction and types of communication in the extraphysical dimensions.

Subjects of the module 2 include:

  •           Altered states of consciousness
  •           Paranormal phenomena – types and causes
  •           Psychic perceptions
  •           Interaction with and identification of non-physical beings
  •           Psychic self-defense
  •           Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development and awareness
  •           Application of OBE techniques

If you are interested in developing your own psychic abilities and develop your aptitudes out-of-the body don’t miss it out!

If you have any questions about the course or to register, you can also call us on the following number: 020 7631 5083

IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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