Definition: the condition of maximum expansion of lucidity and a difficult to describe inner perception of the cosmos, life and the order of the universe that the consciousness experiences, an intellectual and ethical exultation in which the consciousness feels the living presence of the universe and becomes one with it in a single indivisible unit.

Etymology: The word cosmos comes from the Greek kosmos “order, organization; world; universe”. The term consciousness comes from Latin word conscientia “knowledge; consciousness; intimate sense”, and from the verb conscire “to have knowledge of”.

Synonyms: cosmic consciousness, cosmic mind, cosmic vision, consciential big-bang, nirvana (Buddhism), samadhi (yoga), satori (zen-buddhism), absolute tao (Taoism).

Experience of the phenomena of cosmoconsciousness happens through the mentalsoma or mental body, the most evolved and subtle of the consciousness’s vehicles.

This phenomenon is the most enlightening of all phenomena that an intraphysical consciousness can experience. It occurs in the mentalsomatic dimension where absolute liberation from forms, space, time, vibratory frequencies and all other forms of limitations occurs.

This elevated state of consciousness (cosmoconsciousness), demands an intense consciential energy. Because of this it is important to research, work, and to try and dominate bioenergies and the development of consciential attributes.

Mentalsomatic looseness is the state or condition of maximum intellectual openness, which facilitates the amplitude of self-conscientiality in all scientific investigations undertaken.

The state of cosmoconsciousness facilitates projections of continuous awareness, in other words, the state in which the consciousness maintains their lucidity through the entire projective cycle.

Through the expansion of consciousness, the personal world is amplified to the maximum, which is essential evidence of evolution, recycling and the effective execution of the existential program.

The cosmoconsciousness experience is valid when the person takes advantage of the information obtained, applying it in their personal evolution and above all in global evolution.

We live with a permanent connection to the cosmos, or a kind of permanent interdependence with the universe. For example:

  1. The reflection of our consciousness produces a wave in the universe.
  2. A drop of water is important in the immensity of the ocean.
  3. A virus has its specific place in the terrestrial atmosphere.
  4. Each atom has its personal entry in the inventory of the cosmos.

Terrestrial humanity lives in the unnecessary condition of unconscious slavery to time. To change this tyranny of time we need to create a new mental or consciential regimen in accordance with the potential and magnitude of our totality, until frequently reaching the state of cosmoconsciousness.

Mental serenity and liberation of the consciousness act as triggering factors for the mentalsoma projection and consequently cosmoconsciousness.

Although restricted by genetics and the mesology, the development of attributes of the mentalsoma (discernment, intellectuality, concentration, memory, association of ideas, critical judgment, organization, lucidity, discipline, logic, universalism, parapsychism…) while in the current soma stimulates the occurrence of cosmoconsciousness.

The predominant use of the mentalsoma liberates the psychosoma from the need of psychophysiological crutches (beliefs, superstitions, mysticism…) leading one to a more secure end rational manifestation. The consciential microuniverse expands and a richer mental life with more productive thosenes can be enjoyed.

The experience of the cosmoconsciousness is the most practical and healthy resource for the intraphysical consciousness to access its holomemory or personal integral memory of their entire evolutionary history.

Every person, at some time, has had or will experience cosmoconsciousness, although at times we may not recognize the phenomena as such. Because of this it is important to get more information about a consciousnesses evolutionary potentialities.


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