The term déjà vu, comes from the French language and translates as “already seen, already tried”. The phenomena can also be called: projective déjà vu.It is the unconscious knowledge of having previously seen or met a person, visited a certain place, or experienced a situation that the percipient has in fact never seen, been to, or experienced before in the ordinary physical waking state, but which has been experienced by the projected consciousness during a lucid or semi-lucid consciential projection. The déjà vu experience is usually followed by a convincing sensation of familiarity.

The phenomena of déjà vu generally refers to things already seen, but it is not actually restricted to visual perception since we can perceive the previously loved, heard, thought, felt, lived, smelt etc.

Common projective déjà vu occurs in the ordinary physical waking state when the intraphysical consciousness unquestionably recognizes a place or a person which was in fact visited or seen by the individual during a consciential projection. Aside from projective déjà vu a related phenomena frequently experienced is déjà vu generated from the process of existential seriality, and through authentic retrocognitive memories from one of the consciousnesses previous lives in a different physical body.

An example that can illustrate déjà vu is when a motivated person is enthusiastically planning a visit to some cities during their next holiday. One week before travelling the person has a projection to the places which will be visited but does not remember the projection. When travel and reaching the places the person has the sensation of already knowing the place, which they actually do know since they have previously visited the place in a projected condition (in the psychosoma), before going there with their physical body.

Another type, extraphysical déjà vu (extraphysically already dreamt, or already experienced), is more complex. This experience arises when the consciousness is projected in some environment or extraphysical dimension where the circumstances and people experienced were actually known in the past, in this or a previous existence.

The experience of déjà vu seems to be very common and according to studies carried out on the subject 70% or more of the population affirms to have experienced this sensation at some time.

In the analysis of experiences it is necessary to take into account that certain alterations in memory, such as paramnesia, mental fatigue, certain organic intoxications and mental illnesses can create experiences of false déjà vu.


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