Desoma (deactivation of vehicles of manifestation)

What is Desoma?

Desoma is the name given to the deactivation of a soma (a vehicle of manifestation).

Desoma represents the changing of the level of manifestation of the Consciousness (Consciential Principle), through the deactivation and the disposal of one of its vehicles of manifestation, similar to the following natural events:


* A tree renewing its leaves

* A bird changing its feathers

* A reptile shedding its skin


In the specific case of the human consciousness, the 3 types of desoma or death are:

1st desoma: deactivation of the Soma or physical body

2nd desoma: deactivation of the remains of the Energosoma, holochakra or energetic body

3rd desoma: deactivation of the Psychosoma or emotional body


Each desoma or death constitutes the cessation and consequent definitive disintegration of the specified “instrument”, machine, vehicle or body through which the consciousness acted.


Each desoma can produce four reactions:

1) A consciential or parabiological shock.

2) A positive crisis (healthy stress) of growth for the consciousness.

3) A defined period of evolutionary transition.

4) The radical change of the Ego, generally for the better.


Death, due to the system of human beliefs, remains still intensely surrounded by taboos, conditionings and preconceived ideas, superstitions, emotionalisms and erroneous information.

In spite of this, all desomas are experiences more pleasant than disagreeable. Each death or deactivation of a consciential vehicle constitutes, in fact, a type of birth of the consciousness into another more evolved form of existence.

The true form, in which we should see the desoma or biological death, is as an exhumation of the Ego from the human body.

In fact, human existence, intraphysical rebirth or resoma (reactivation of the soma or physical body), is the burying of the Ego (conducted by the Mentalsoma which resides in the parabrain of the psychosoma) into a human body.


Conscious projection is at the present time the only way to better understand this process.


What desomas can we experience?

There are three types of desoma:


1st desoma:  discarding of the Soma or physical body

2nd desoma: discarding of the Energosoma or holochakra / energy body

3rd desoma:  discarding of the Psychosoma or emotional body


Now we are going to explain a little more about each of them.



This is the deactivation or discarding of the soma and occurs with the rupturing of the silver cord. It presupposes the passage of the intraphysical consciousness (intraphysical consciousness) from a physical condition to an extraphysical condition, thus returning to the condition of manifesting as an extraphysical consciousness (extraphysical consicousness), using the remaining vehicles namely the Energosoma, Psychosoma and Mentalsoma.

The 1st desoma, related to the human body, happens because the silver cord is ruptured and is no longer available to transfer consciential energy, or the vital fluid of the consciousness from the extraphysical bodies (the Mentalsoma, the Psychosoma and the Energosoma) to the human body. The consciousnesses’ lack of direct semi-physical energetic connection with its former physical body causes the physical body to start to disintegrate, with the energy of the physical body slowly dissipating and returning to the extraphysical dimension.

Due to their level of lucidity most consciousnesses do not pass through the 2nd desoma and remain attached to activities related to their previous intraphysical life*, ignoring their condition, until they resomate (return to a new life in a new soma (physical body).

* The film “The Sixth Sense” shows a good example of a consciousness manifesting in this condition.



Deactivation or discarding of the Energosoma, including the remnants of the silver cord, leaving the now extraphysical consciousness manifesting through the Mentalsoma and the Psychosoma.

The 2nd desoma constitutes the purification of all the ectoplastic and dense energetic emanations of the consciousness and on average occurs two or three days after the deactivation of the soma.

When a consciousness is free of the remains of their energosoma, they manifest with more lucidity, which allows them to have a more evolutionarily productive intermissive period (period between lives), until they return to a new life in a new soma and with a new, fresh energosoma.



Deactivation and discarding of the Psychosoma accompanied by the rupturing of the Golden Cord and the entrance of the conscex into the condition of a Free Consciousness, in which they manifest only through the Mentalsoma in the mental dimension (the plane of ideas).

The third desoma marks the end of the migration of the Ego, the extinction of the resoma – desoma cycle or of personal intraphysical existence. The third desoma is the inescapable objective of all consciousnesses.

The third desoma is the coronation of the evolution of the consciousness after which the consciousness manifests in a permanent state of continuous self-consciousness, initiating a new stage of evolution that until now is completely unknown to us.


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