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Do Energy Healing YourselfFor millennia people have worked with chi, prana, or energies in order to maintain or achieve greater health. You will find direct or indirect references to energy and energy healing in many cultures throughout history. If you are trying to do energy healing yourself, however, history, tradition and theory might not be enough. We all have an energy body that vitalizes our physical body. The connection between those vehicles is bi-directional, meaning physical can affect energetic and vice-versa.

Can you Do Energy Healing on Yourself?

Knowing About Energies

To get to the level where your energy work will have a healing potential, you would need a few basic skills. The first step is to learn how to perceive your own energies. After that you can learn some basic manoeuvres such as externalizing (or exteriorizing), internalizing (or absorbing), and moving your own energies within your energy body, ideally to the point that you reach a vibrational state – all using your will power. Once you get to that point, you would proceed to unblocking your chakras and rebalancing your energy body (energosoma). I will detail these steps throughout this article.

Perceiving Your Energies

For beginners, energy work can seem a bit daunting. How can you feel something you have never felt before? And how would I differentiate that from my “normal” physical sensations? I had those questions when I started too. What helped me quite a bit was to understand that: (a) this is a trial-and-error process and (b) energy perceptions can get to a point that they are very objective. This means, for example, that you will have to try a specific exercise at least 20 times to give yourself a fair chance of perceiving anything. You will also have to manage to get to deeper levels of physical relaxation and a quiter frame of mind in order to perceive the non-physical aspect more clearly, at least in the beginning.

Basic Energy Exercises

We have an energy body that is constantly in contact with external energies from the places we visit. This is valid for the waking state and for an out-of-body experience.

Our energy body can exchange energies with the environment, at times giving energies to it and at times absorbing energies from it. Most people do this unconsciously, without thinking. When you go to a park or anywhere you can get in a closer contact with nature you could be absorbing immanent energies. When you move into a new house and decide to clean your bedroom yourself, you would naturally be placing your energies in that environment.

Exteriorizing energies consists of sending energy from your own energosoma to a person, place or object. The exteriorization of energies can be used in many ways. In the context of personal healing, you could exteriorize through a specific chakra in order to activate it or unblock it. You could also exteriorize energies with a specific pattern to make the extraphysical environment of your bedroom “yours” and thus open only to those consciousnesses that have affinity with that pattern of energies.

The third exercise that is part of the bioenergy foundation consists of moving your energy through your own energy body, from your head to your feet and then from your feet to your head, in an oscillatory movement. You would concentrate your energies in your head and then shift them towards your feet, making those energies sweep throughout your entire body. Your first objective is to unblock your chakral body and make sure that the energies flow evenly and without impediments.

How to Do Energy Work on Yourself: Achieving the Vibrational State

After you manage to move the energies up and down in a controlled, thorough, and smooth way, you would start to increase the frequency of this energetic oscillation from head to feet. The goal is to get to a point where the energies are moving up and down so fast that they trigger a vibrational state.

The vibrational state is a pleasant sensation felt within and throughout your body. It can be felt as a high-frequency vibration, as a deep buzzing sensation that reaches every cell of your body (not just the skin) or as a low-frequency sensation akin to being on an idling bus, in a condition where it feels as if your whole body is shaking, although there is no physical movement.

This is different from the chi-gong exercise that moves energies from the front side of the body and returns it through the back side of the body. The details of the technique to achieve the vibrational state were described in the previous article.

The Power of this Technique

The vibrational state alone has healing properties as it indicates a healthy state of our energies. While applying the technique to move the energies up and down you will be redistributing your energies throughout the body.

We sometimes end up concentrating energies in one chakra at the expense of others. For example, if we process everything from a more emotional and dramatic standpoint, we could be placing emphasis (and energies) in the heart chakra (cardiochakra). By pulling energies to this particular chakra you could be leaving other chakras such as the throat chakra (laryngochakra) with less energy.
Less energy in the throat chakra would mean less vitalisation of that physical area, which would not help with a healthy state of the physical body. The movement of energies up and down would be redistributing those energies and have a healing potential.

Chakras can also be “blocked”, meaning that the energy is not flowing properly through that specific vortex of energies.  Those blockages can be caused by a specific trait, for example, anxiety could cause blockage in the umbilicochakra (the one close to our belly button). Specific habits can be related to the blockage, for example, smoking can block the cardiochakra.

When you are moving the energies up and down you can identify areas of more resistance, or where the energies flow around, or that the sensation of energies disappears. Those sensations often indicate blocked areas. Part of the energy healing process would consist of pushing the energies through those areas to unblock them, bringing your energosoma to a more balanced, homeostatic state.

Energy Work and Personal Growth

Throughout history, energy healing has been delegated to third parties such as shamans, priests, gurus, and healers in general. While another person can help in some conditions and with the right set of skills and training, you can also learn how to assess and improve your own energetic health.

Having first hand experiences with your own energy body will also put you in a position where you trust your own abilities and use them as a positive catalyst for your personal growth.

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