Do you want to develop your own Bioenergies to reach OBE more easily? Don’t miss out IAC’s Bioenergy Workout! – 27th of June – 6:30 PM

Have you ever thought that the key to Out-of-the Body Experiences  (OBEs) is our Bioenergy? Bioenergies (also referred in different traditions as Chi, KI, Prana, subtle energies, etc) are a key component, yet often forgotten, of Out-of-the Body Experiences. The development of one’s OBEs is intimately related to the development of one’s OBEs.

how do i learn to use my psychic abilities

This is the reason why IAC’s methodology to develop OBEs is focused in the development of one’s energetic body. The Bioenergy Workout is a good and fun opportunity to introduce students to techniques that allow to master their personal energies. This informative and deep 3-hour practical workshop has the objective to develop the student’s capacity to recognise and perceive better these subtle energies. The students perform a series of diverse bioenergetic (chi, prana) exercises allowing them to become more self-aware and able to identify and overcome emotional imbalances, maintaining psychic self-defense, unlocking our potential, and developing our parapsychism.

The class is 100% free for IAC members (basic and above) as a recognition of their support and also of IAC’s commitment to investing in their well-being and development. Many members are regular attenders, both taking advantage of the opportunity for developing their energetic capacity, and enjoying the upbeat and convivial atmosphere. The course is a great complement to the IAC’s award-winning Consciousness Development Program.


To Register online:  £35 If you register after Feb 25th, 2013. Registration after Feb 27th: £45. We recommend registrations in advance, as spaces are limited.

IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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