Don’t Miss it Out! Award Winning Consciousness Development Program Module 1 Starting this 27th of April 2013 in London!

The Consciousness Development Program has won the Life Transformation category in the UK’s Kindred Spirit Magazine 21st Anniversary Awards. This first module starting the 27th of May is a unique opportunity to study concepts that are fundamental to study the Consciousness. The objective of the Module 1 is to  present information to the public about research that have been led by IAC for many years in subjects such as: Non-physical bodies; Bioenergy;  how to get to the vibrational state; conditions that facilitate the OBE (Out-of-the Body Experiences); Characteristics of the nonphysical dimensions; etc. The module will also focus in 4 bioenergy practical work outs that have the objective to facilitate the development of psychic abilities, self-defence and out-of-the body experience. Don’t miss it out!

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IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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