DRAGONFLY is a movie directed by Tom Shadyac, starring Kevin Costner (Joe) and Susanna Thompson (Emily). In this movie we can observe several parapsychic phenomena, being the Near Death Experience (NDE) the most relevant.

Joe and Emily form a couple of North-American medical doctors (assistantial professions). She seems to be more committed with the assistance to children and travels to villages in the South-American jungle where help is needed. In one of the voyages she has an accident and dies. Parapsychic phenomena start to occur upon her death, explained according to the Conscientiology and Projectiology.

After experiencing a NDE, the children tell about white shapes and tunnels. How can we explain this?

The lights or white shapes described by the children are extraphysical consciousnesses in a dimension other than the one of the intraphysical and the tunnels stand for the passage from one dimension to the other, meaning from the intraphysical dimension to the extraphysical one.

The multidimensionality of the intraphysical consciousness can be experienced through the projections (voluntary or spontaneous) of the astral body or psychosoma.

The out-of-body experience indicates us with the reality of life after death; it is an opportunity to reunite ourselves with relatives and friends from this life or other existential seriality (series of existences in the past).

Confronted with the near death experiences (NDE) of the children from the hospital, Joe questions himself if there is life after death. A nun appears and, even though in a superficial way, tries to clarify Joe about the subject.

Independently of religion and personal belief, the projection experience allows meetings with persons already dead, known to us or not, and to exchange information with those consciousnesses.

While lucid outside the body one understands by oneself that death does not exist and so the fear of death disappears. This type of experiences is an important resource for they often can help to understand this temporal separation that is the physical death.

Around Joe strange events occur: objects move, light bulbs fuse, windows open… By causing these events, his wife is transmitting the required information for him to find out the whereabouts of her dead physical body.

When someone dies and leaves something unfinished, in some cases this urges the person to remain in the physical dimension in order to try to resolve the issue, even though the possibilities of resolving it are smaller than when he had a physical body.

The events previously described, when occurring together constitute what is known as poltergeist phenomena: (ambivalent projective phenomena, for they affect the environment and can be seen or detected).

The poltergeist phenomena are generated by extraphysical consciousnesses using ectoplasm of the intraphysical consciousnesses to perform physical actions.

Poltergeist events are produced near someone acting as a focus of these phenomena and the person is the energy source responsible for the mechanical work produced in the movement of objects (psychokinesis).

Joe gets in touch with his wife in the lake.

When there is an high concentration of CO2 in the lungs and in the blood, (generally a non-toxic mixture with no serious collateral effects of 70% oxygen and 30% carbon dioxide), the working efficiency of the brain diminishes and facilitates the liberation of the consciousness, manifesting itself through the psychosoma or astral body. Carbon Dioxide Projective Technique (CO2).

We can also consider the greater possibility of ectoplasm manifestations produced by water and which can help to see an extraphysical consciousness.

The great connection between Joe and Emily makes a good parapsychic communication between them possible.

Consciousnesses establish a close energetic connection with those with whom they have an holosomatic (set of manifestation vehicles of the consciousness: Soma, Holochakra, Psychosoma and Mentalsoma) and multiexistential (multiple lives) affinity. Couples who feel a deep affection and have linked evolutionary and assistantial objectives convert themselves into evolutionary couples.


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