Energy Healing Courses in London: Experiencing Bioenergies in Nature

IAC, the International Academy of Consciousness, takes a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to energy healing. If you are looking for energy healing courses in London, you may be interested in the Bioenergies in Nature, a practical course that takes place in a park, where an experienced instructor will teach you how to interact with energies from nature to promote a healthy energy body.

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Energy Healing Courses in London: “Bioenergies in Nature” takes place in a Park

Learn Bio Energy Healing

Bioenergy healing is a vast subject. Lots of people talk and practice healing by sending energies to someone else while others seek those who can heal them with energies.

While those methods work when practiced within certain constraints and when the psychic ability to conduct this work is present, there is also the possibility for you to promote this energy healing by yourself.

Learn Energy Healing Techniques

One of the basic techniques that you can apply to improve the condition of your energy body is to draw energies inwards, from your surroundings. This technique is called the energy absorption technique.

If you are going to absorb energies, you probably want to be in a setting where (a) the energies are abundant and (b) the general quality of the energy of that environment is positive.

Bioenergies can be classified in two major categories: immanent and consciential.

Consciential energy is the one that received thoughts and sentiment “imprints” from someone, a consciousness. We could assess the quality of those “imprints” with a reference in mind.

Immanent energies do not have those imprints, because they come directly from natural sources such as the air (prana), water, or the ground, for example. One way to avoid a more complex discussion on quality of energies is to start by learning how to absorb energies from nature.

The Bioenergies in Nature takes place in a park, where the abundant energies make it easy to perceive and learn the absorption in practice.

Learn Bio Energy Healing – The Absorption Technique

Bioenergy has many synonyms: chi, prana, orgone, vital energy, for example. There are countless references to this type of energy in books and traditions.

We have an energy body, or energosoma, and this energy body connects the astral body to the physical body. This energosoma also vitalizes the physical body. A healthy energosoma promotes health to the physical body. The opposite is also true: eating well and exercising can vitalize the energosoma.

Pulling energies (chi) inwards is not a physical process, since both the energies and your energy body are not physical things. You can train to move your energies at will. While visualization and imagination techniques might work, they can make it harder for the experimenter to differentiate imagination from real, non-physical perception.

In IAC courses we take a route that might require a few more attempts before you learn how to move energies: using will power only. You accumulate experience and learn how to command energies at will by trial and error.

Relaxation is something that helps a lot. I will describe one of the techniques we apply during the bioenergies in nature.
The steps are:

  1. Lie down comfortably in quiet area of a park, and relax for about 15 minutes, you make it easier for you to perceive the energies around you.
  2. At that point you can try to connect better with the energies from the ground – geoenergies.
  3. Give the “will command” to pull energies inwards. For most people, the sensations are subtle at first, and most second-guess their sensations. Don’t let this distract you. Stay relaxed and apply all your will power with maximum concentration and acute focus on the exercise.
  4. You can alternate between a few seconds pulling the energies in and a few seconds trying to identify the sensations of the absorption.
  5. After trying to pull energies from all directions for about 10 minutes, try to alternate between pulling energies only from the left for a few seconds, then only from the right, for a few seconds too. Compare the sensations you have on the left and right side of the body as you pull energies in. This can help you to identify when your will command is making the energies move, an essential part of the trial-and-error process mentioned before.


How to Learn Energy Healing – a Holosomatic Approach

Working on the energosoma directly is an effective way to bring health to the energy body. A healthy energy body will promote a healthy physical one. Other techniques, such as the VELO, described in the article about unblocking chakras can also help.

Since our thoughts and sentiments affect our energies it would be smart to look for patterns in your thoughts and emotions and see which ones produce undesired effects on our energosoma.

A blockage in the energy can be a sign of a bottleneck that you have to go through as a consciousness, by overcoming a limitation, curbing a bad habit, or learning a new skill that will help you in the interaction with others.

IAC invites you to take a holosomatic approach to your healing process, meaning, you will work on all your bodies (physical, energetic, psychosomatic, mentalsomatic, for example).

Working with the energosoma can have direct and immediate effects in your overall consciential health, so every effort to understand the energosoma and every exercise that promotes energosomatic balance will certainly help.

Energy Healing London (UK)

IAC UK offers a series of classes to help you understand energy and energy healing. A practical and technical approach is used, with techniques and wide range of courses catering all for all experience levels, from those simply curious to those with lifelong familiarity with the non-physical dimensions.

Bioenergies in Nature takes place in a park and we only offer the class once or twice in the Summer, so check our schedule and make sure you don’t miss the next one!

The alternative for colder and rainier days is the Bioenergy Workout, which takes place indoors at our classroom in IAC UK, in Tottenham Court Road.


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