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The Existential Program is a person’s life task, or the specific pre-programming that each of us brings into this physical existence when we are born. There is always a reason why we belong to our family in this life, and why we have the friends we have.

If you have ever wondered where you were from (your extra physical home town), why you are here (your existential program) and where you are going next (when you complete this physical existence), then this book is an important tool for your personal growth and evolution.

The Existential Program Manual presents a detailed study of how one’s life task is planned, and provides practical techniques for finding out what your own life task is.

The book also provides tools for fine-tuning your life program, including:

– Tools for identifying what your life program is, and a description of each type of program
– An explanation of how we prepare for our physical birth, and how we are provided the right skills and opportunities to accomplish our life task
– A description of signs that can help us know whether we are on the right path , and what factors could derail us from achieving our existential program
– Tips on how to improve your own life program

Dr Vieira’s research on the subject is based on rational thought, and knowledge sourced from the extra physical dimension through out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

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