Extraphysical Bait Course – Online Course and in the Classroom – Saturday, July 20th 4PM to 7PM

Extraphysical Bait

Extraphysical Bait is the lucid and willingful condition of having an unbalanced extraphysical consciousness (entity, spirit) connected with our energetic field for the purpose of providing assistance.

When people have good assistantial intentions towards others, in some cases, they serve as an assitantial bait without their knwledge of tge fact  (being an unconsciously). The ideal is to be able to recognize this condition (which probably already happened with you) in order to control the effectiveness of the process. This condition will be extensively studied in this course.

This course will deepen your understanding of the Extraphysical Bait condition, including:

  • Examine the key components involved in developing the ability to act as Assistantial Bait
  • The role of the helpers in aiding us during this process
  • Outline the most important factors for us to prioritize in order to use this technique on an ongoing basis in our daily lives
  • Examine the energetic and extraphysical mechanisms involved in the Assistantial Baitcondition, and discuss the possible difficulties
  • Understand the differences between acting consciously as Assistantial Bait, the result of greater awareness, and the alternative: acting unconsciously or semiconsciously
  • Discuss the stages of the Assistantial Bait


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The broadcast starts at 19:00 London time (GMT). Check your local time with World Clock:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Date:  Tuesday, 20th of July 2013

Hours: 4PM to 7PM

From: IAC London Educational Centre

Please register at least one day in advance if you are planning to attend online and contact London@iacworld.org. We will send you the link and the code to participate on this course.

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