Free Introductory Lecture – 1st of July 7 PM

Most IAC offices around the world provide free public lectures twice a month with the objective to provide interested students basic knowledge about IAC research methodology and didactics.


The lecture is generally an informative experience where students have the opportunity to meet an knowledgeable instructor that will introduce the student to the foundational model at the root of IAC’s approach to investigating consciousness. The lecture explores aspect of the consciousness perceived as the soul or the spirit of the individuality and other themes such as conscious evolution (from a multidimensional approach), energy, non-physical reality, psychic abilities, the out-of-body experience, and much more. The lecture generally lasts around 1.5 hours.


Is the free lecture for me?

These free lectures are an ideal although optional starting point for people interested in taking IAC’s courses such as the Consciousness Development Program (CDP). They allow would-be students to make a personal connection with IAC’s ideas and team of instructors, obtaining confidence in our knowledge, approach, and ethical framework.


We hope you can join us at a lecture soon.


IAC UK – International Academy of Consciousness
60 Tottenham Court Road, Third Floor
London, W1T 2EW
United Kingdom


+44 (0) 20 7631 5083


IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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