Have you ever had a Mental Projection? Want to know more about it then don’t miss out the Consciousness Development Program (CDP) Module 3 – 22th and 23rd of June 1 PM

The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) Module 3 is comprise of 10 hours of theoretical and practical classes (5 theoretical and 5 practical) to develop the students understanding of the Mental Body which is one type of Out-of-Body Experience that many have had most notably during Near-Death-Experiences.

Among the different subjects developed in the class, we can find the following:

  •           Projections in the mental body
  •           Cosmoconsciousness (nirvana, samadhi, cosmic consciousness)
  •           Lucidity – increasing our awareness
  •           Types of intelligence
  •           Integral maturity
  •           Cosmoethics (multidimensional ethics)
  •           Self-analysis and personal evolution
  •           Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development
  •           Application of OBE techniques

The Module 3 of Consciousness Development Program (CDP) give students an important foundation to understand how to access the mental dimension but also studies the consciousness’s characteristics that allows one to try to reach such planes. The objective of the class is to develop our ability and understanding on how to have a mental projection –  generally considered as profound and life changing experiences – and what are the conditions sine qua non to have such experiences. During the class, one practical class will entirely be dedicated to induce one such type of projection.

Should you wish to participate please contact us to receive the instruction on how to participate online.

IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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