Holosoma (the Consciousnesses Vehicles of Manifestation)


Many people ask themselves how many dimensional bodies do we have (they also refer to them as subtle bodies, spiritual bodies, dimensional bodies, etc). In this article we look at the holosoma; the consciousnesses different vehicles of manifestation.

What is the Holosoma?

HoloGreek, whole or all

SomaGreek, body

The holosoma is the set of vehicles of manifestation (bodies) of the intraphysical consciousness. These vehicles are the soma (physical body), energosoma (holochakra), psychosoma (astral body) and mentalsoma (mental body). Each of these somas has a different structure and energetic density.

While in the ordinary physical waking state these bodies remain coincident, inside one another, like the famous Russian dolls. But when we relax deeply or while sleeping there is a natural liberation of the consciousness (individual essence, soul) from the dense, restricting physical matter of the physical body.

This discoincidence or separation of the vehicles of manifestation (or bodies) of the consciousness is produced by the alteration of the vibratory or energetic frequencies of these vehicles. This allows the consciousness to temporarily leave the physical dimension in a projected condition. This is a natural process inherent to all living beings and is a paraphysiological necessity.

Soma (Physical Body)

The soma or physical body, is the most primitive and energetically dense body the consciousness uses. It is the seat of the five physical senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell) and is our window into the intraphysical dimension.

We tend to identify ourselves with the physical body in such a way that we end up thinking the physical body is all we are and this restricts our lucid manifestation to the intraphysical dimension.

The soma is an evolutionary instrument that we inhabit, are responsible for and use while we manifest in the physical dimension. When the soma is deactivated we pass through the first desoma (death of the physical body).
The energosoma is the semi-physical energetic body that vitalises the soma and keeps the psychosoma connected to the soma.

This body is responsible for energetic interchanges with the environment and with other people. This body is the only one which the consciousness can not manifest directly through as the energosoma does not possess a place for our intelligences to reside as the other bodies do. In this way it is more like a simulacrum.

The energosoma is what forms the silver cord that can be observed when the soma and the psychosoma separate during a projection.

The energosoma impregnates the soma and is dispersed throughout the body being connected through thousands of energetic vortices or chakras. The energosoma has a strong connection with the nervous system of the soma. The first desoma (physical death) includes the rupturing of this connection.

Psychosoma (Astral Body)

The psychosoma is the subtle body that is responsible for our emotions. Although it usually looks similar to the physical body it is a greatly more advanced body whose structure is very different to its appearance and which has many more senses and capabilities than the soma. It is the vehicle the consciousness manifests through after the first desoma and during most of the projections experienced by people.

Some of the psychosomas attributes are: transfiguration or the capacity to change its form and appearance, permeability or the capacity to go through physical or extraphysical objects, invisibility, and the capacity to fly and therefore to visit places that would be impossible with the soma.

Examples of transfiguration and flight can be seen in the film “What Dreams May Come”. Examples of permeability and invisibility can be seen in “Ghost”


The mental body, the parabody of discernment and rationality. The mentalsoma is the seat of the Consciousness and is the body responsible for our personal evolution. It is responsible for the most noble sentiments and ideas. It is normally housed in the parabrain (the brain of the psychosoma).

The mentalsoma does not have a defined form or shape and very little is currently known about its structure. It is connected with the psychosoma through the hypothetical “golden cord”. The phenomenon of cosmoconsciousness, also known as nirvana, satori, samadhi, is a projection in the mentalsoma.

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