How Can I Learn Telepathy? And Yes, Everyone Can

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Telepathy is transmission of information through non-physical means, from one person to another.

Most people think in terms of transmission of thought when referencing telepathy, however words, emotions, images and other types of information can be transmitted during the telepathic form of communication.

If you are asking yourself “how can I learn telepathy?,” you are probably interested in developing your psychic abilities. For the best strategy to develop your ability, you should take the following into consideration:

1. A pinch of theory
2. Generous portions of practice
3. Understanding of the intentions behind your thoughts and sentiments
4. Comprehension that the application of telepathy can help you towards your evolution

While the article “Learning Telepathy for Beginners” outlines specific steps you can take to develop your telepathy, here I explore telepathy in more detail. The aim of the article is to assist you with understanding the phenomenon from more angles which will hopefully allow for new insights about your own development and past experiences.

Telepathy Development and Intention

When talking about telepathy development, the intention one has for such development is very relevant. For the phenomenon to work towards personal growth and to bring true, long-lasting benefits, an ethical approach has to be chosen. In the conscientiology framework, the sub-specialty that deals with ethical considerations from a multiple-dimension and multiple-lives perspective is called cosmoethics.

If your intention is to deliberately try to read thoughts of other people without their consent to gain personal advantage – an example of a low level of cosmoethics – you could have your psychic development hampered and find yourself receiving unwanted and imbalanced energy influence from other beings (intrusion).

Saying that a cosmoethical approach is the best way to develop telepathy is not a moral stance, it is a result of pure cause-consequence thinking. We are free to decide our actions and priorities and this is a reflection of our personal level of cosmoethics. An anticosmoethical approach while developing psychic ability is a recipe for long term problems, it is very much like lying and being acutely self-centered will tend to create problems for any kinds of relationships.

Can I Learn Telepathy without Reading Books?

The short answer here is yes.

Telepathy is a natural ability of the consciousness – us. We can compare it to another human ability, for example, the ability to communicate ideas to groups of people.

Studying theory and techniques can make you a better communicator, however, practice is paramount for reaching the ability to clearly transmit ideas to specific groups of people.

Telepathy and Contacting Spirits

Telepathy Training

When thinking about telepathy, most people think human to human transmission, meaning, the transmission of thoughts that happens between two people that have physical bodies (i.e. that are alive).

Telepathy, however, can be interdimensional.

A spirit, or a consciousness between one physical life and the next, can communicate with a living being through telepathy. When people report that they feel the presence of a deceased loved one after thinking about him or her “as if they were actually there”, they are probably feeling the energies associated with that spirit. This spirit would actually be present, in the same environment as the person that is alive, but in a non-physical dimension.

At times, people report actually feeling a wave of affection from this non-physical (or extraphysical) consciousness being present. This is an example of an emotion being transferred telepathically, along with the energies that the extraphysical consciousness transmits.

The inter-dimensional telepathic interactions often don’t receive as much attention as they should, since they can be a great tool for your personal growth.

The thoughts and sentiments from the extraphysical consciousness can vary in nature (from negative to positive) and can be an indicator of health and lucidity of the consciousnesses around us.

Making Telepathy Work for your Personal Growth

Sometimes evoking extraphysical companies with a certain kind of thought pattern can start a self-reinforcing cycle. Evoking literally means calling with energy. So your thoughts and sentiments will generate a pattern of energy that will attract extraphysical consciousnesses that have affinity with that pattern.

The extraphysical companion will, in turn, send telepathic transmissions that amplify that pattern of thought and sentiment, which will then establish the self-reinforcing cycle. You think, they show up, they agree and think back, then you think about that again, and the loop continues.

As you probably noticed, I did not qualify this interaction, since it is not “good” or “bad” in its essence. What will make this self-reinforcing cycle conducive to personal growth or not is the quality behind the thoughts and sentiments involved in this telepathic interaction.

Self-centered, sectarian, and anticosmoethical intentions in general would tend to attract consciousnesses with more pathological patterns.

On the flip side, the intention to help in the best way possible, to understand things more clearly, or to identify your own blind spots would be examples of evolutionary intentions.

This would generate a pattern that mature consciousnesses will tend to participate in.

Telepathy Development

In summary, the quality of the “conversation” established through telepathy can be more important than the phenomenon itself.

A pinch of theory with generous portions of practice will be your best strategy for telepathy development. Understanding the intention behind your thoughts and sentiments will help in applying telepathy towards your evolution as a multidimensional consciousness.


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