How Long Does it Take to Develop Psychic Abilities?

How Long Does it Take to Develop Psychic-Abilities?

How Long Does it Take to Develop Psychic Abilities?

Developing Psychic Abilities

There are several types of psychic abilities – telepathy, OBE, clairvoyance, past life recall and premonition are just a few to be named. (**Click here for a full list of psychic abilities.)

On top of various types of possible phenomena, you also have different experiential depth for each type of psychic ability. It is one thing to see the energy body of other people as a bright contour around their physical body, but it is something else to see the whole astral body (psychosoma) of a spirit in front of you in broad daylight.

If you are asking how long does it take to develop psychic abilities you are probably eager to have an experience as quickly as possible. The good news is that for some types of psychic ability such as the visual perception of bioenergies (or chi, prana), you can achieve an experience in a few hours if you work with the right techniques.

How Many Psychic Abilities are There?

The visual perception of the energy body of someone else is a type of clairvoyance. In a workshop where I would explain theory and techniques of clairvoyance for three hours followed by practical clairvoyance exercises also for three hours, participants would often be surprised about just how quickly they could clearly see non-physical energies.

In regards to the subject of depth, you can use your clairvoyance to reach non-physical dimensions directly, allowing you to see something that would normally only be seen during an out-of-body experience. This kind of clairvoyance can take a few years to be developed, and usually requires a deeper level of relaxation or optimised conditions, for example, a denser field of energies created by experienced individuals.

And then there are psychic perceptions that happen less frequently and are triggered by our own self-research, or attempt to understand how and why we get involved in particular circumstances. Past-life recall, or retrocognition, is one example. Mastering retrocognition can take years and that does not mean you will be able to have them every day. It is a complex event that depends on the right alignment of variables within you and outside of you.

In other words, you can learn to put your holosoma in a condition that is conducive to the phenomenon and apply techniques, but that does not mean that it will happen every time you try.

A good analogy here is with a good vintage of wine. You may have control over the technique to produce wine, understand the process, and be able to control some variables. You can choose the type of grape you grow, the mix between types of grapes used, and the week of the year that you harvest the grapes, and so on, and all of that certainly helps. This will not, however, guarantee a masterpiece wine vintage every year. Some years will be better than others because of the amount of sun, temperature, and rain, which are not under your control.

How Many People Have Psychic Abilities?

One factor that often discourages people is that the subject of psychic abilities is not very popular, at times not taken seriously, and often mocked as an illusion or self-deception. So spontaneous psychic abilities are not reported at times, and many are put-off by not wanting to be associated with a topic that is considered “odd” by mainstream society.

However the above does not erase the innate curiosity and predisposition for psychic abilities. In learning psychic abilities, there is no need to believe in anything. A bit of skepticism can actually lead to more accurate perceptions. You do need an open mind and to make sure that you are not blocking your perceptions during the experiments and techniques you decide to apply.

Skills for Psychic Development

If you are looking to reduce the time it takes for you to develop psychic abilities, the first step is to identify which psychic phenomenon you will focus on and which skills you will need to get your first experiences.

The ability to relax the physical body is an important skill, and one that can be learned. You should be able to lie down or to be in a comfortable armchair and reach the point at which you no longer feel your physical body, while maintaining the control of your thoughts and being attentive, alert.

Concentration is another skill that is very helpful. Lots of techniques take dozens of minutes to start working. For most, it is hard to stay focused on one technique for 10 or 20 minutes. However this is also something that can be learned. This is different from what is required for meditation. When you focus on a technique to have psychic experiences you are using your will power, you are deliberately trying to achieve something and your thinking may be a part of the process.

You should also study the phenomenon, try to read accounts from people that had them, particularly those more detailed and rational descriptions. This will help you guide your efforts and gage if you are moving in the right direction when you are evaluating your attempts to get psychic perceptions.

Four Things to Focus on

In developing psychic abilities, regardless of the type of psychic ability you have and how long you estimate it will take, the focus should be on understanding the process, selecting techniques in line with your progress, persisting with multiple attempts, and trying to tie-in your experiences with self-knowledge.

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