How to Astral Project and Other Common Questions

We have put together a comprehensive list of articles written by IAC volunteers that will help you in your astral projection journeys.

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If you’re wondering how to astral project you will find many valuable sources listed here: from articles that provide you with methods and techniques you can easily apply (even if you wanted to start tonight) to parapsychic development and working with energies.

Astral Projection: a Tool for Self-Research

Astral travel can be a valuable tool for self-research and self-analysis; at the IAC we offer the CDP (Consciousness Development Programme) which is an award winning course that focuses on answering the most fundamental questions in life (why we are here, life purpose/mission, what happens when we die, who we are, etc).

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If you are interested in sharing your astral projection experiences please send us an email using our contact form as we are putting together a section under a “Your Experience” heading.

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Useful Resources

The following articles and You Tube videos will be very helpful not only if you are looking into how to astral project but also for you to learn about consciousness in general.

1. Astral Projection Questions and Answers

This entry has been devised to answer people’s most common questions like how long does it take to have an astral projection, controlling the Vibrational State, children and OBEs, techniques that can be easily applied, recalling your OBE, waking up, sleep paralysis, losing the fear and more.


2. Out-of-Body Experience and Spiritual Development (in 5 segments)

A video series presented by IAC volunteer Luis Minero (author of “Demistifying the Out-of-Body Experience: A Practical Manual for Exploration and Personal Evolution”).

In this series Luis Minero discusses and explores OBE phenomena including the sensations (both for exiting and landing), paralysis, the disconnection or separation, easy techniques to deal with the paralysis, how to develop oneself in order to take full advantage of an OBE, better recall of the experience, our existential programme (our life mission or life task we planned prior to coming into this body), any possible dangers, a list of benefits and much more.

The five videos offer you almost an hour of great content in which you will learn the many aspects regarding consciousness and related phenomena.


3. How to Astral Project for Beginners

Our most popular article explores the stages of OBE take off, managing lucidity whilst out of body and recalling the experience when coming back to the body.

It also features 7 great tips that will help any beginner get started.


4. Manage your Lucidity during Take-off

This article offers you three strategies you can implement in order to stay lucid during your take-off.

Remember that single attempts rarely will do the trick. It is important to be consistent and practice as much as you can.


Other Resources


5. IAC Methods to Achieve Astral Travelling

Read for information on how to achieve much more frequent Out-of-Body Experiences with proven methods including the Punctuated Progressive Procedure.


6. Learn the Differences between Dreaming / Projecting, Provoking the OBE and Tips

Learn the difference between dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences, the importance of relaxation, provoking OBEs at will, how to have lucid projections and identify what prevents your lucidity.


7. Astral Projection Benefits

Nanci Trivellato gives an overview of the benefits of astral projection.


Sandy Gustus discusses the life changing impact of the Out-of-Body Experience.


8. Astral Dreaming? How to Have an Astral Projection while Sleeping

A useful article explaining some tips on how to turn your dream into a projection.


9. Sleep Paralysis and its Causes

This article explains the common phenomenon of sleep paralysis and what causes it.


10. Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience with Luis Minero

Luis Minero gives an overview of the OBE from the scientific approach of the IAC.


11. Anthony Peake “Consciousness Hour” interviews Luis Minero

An exclusive interview with Luis Minero and psychic phenomena researcher and fellow published author Anthony Peake.


12. Overcoming fear of OBE

Fear is a common obstacle to lucid projection. This articles gives some tips on overcoming your concerns.


13. Podcast

A podcast by Instructor Nelson Abreu Out-of-Body Experiences and Multidimensional Filters.


14. Interview

One of IAC’s instructors, Nelson Abreu, gave an interview to Swedish parapsychologist Dr. JJ Lumsden for his Paranormal and Parapsychology Blog.


15. DVD on Out of Body Experience (trailer)


16. Astral Projection Stories: Personal Accounts

Some personal accounts of astral projection and related phenomena.

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