How to Cause an Out-of-Body Experience & 4 Must Tips

So far we have looked at many aspects of the OBE but we thought it was necessary to discuss in detail how to cause an out of body experience so you can provoke it at will.

Through a quick online search, we can easily see that many people are intrigued with the possibility of meeting friends in dreams. Some say they’ve had such experiences. Other even explain they have met people in dreams first, prior to an encounter in person.

Is that possible?

Well, in short the answer is yes. The caveat is that in these cases we are not talking about dreams, but instead about projections of the consciousness. Obviously you have to carefully analyse case by case and ensure certain criteria apply to your experience before confirming it.

A great read about examples of projections is the book Projections of the Consciousness by Waldo Vieira. The author describes in detail his experiences and takes a scientific approach. Lucid projections, those that you know you are projected, are much less common than dreams but there are some key questions you can ask to know whether or not you’ve had one.

Differences Between a Dream and a Projection

To begin with, dreams happen in the brain and because of it the images are created by us, during the physiological and emotional recovery process which takes place when we sleep. This is why we wouldn’t be able to meet a friend in a dream. On the other hand, during a projection of the consciousness, or astral projection, the consciousness leaves the body temporarily. Real events take place there and we can interact with other consciousness, exchange information, make plans, solve some problems, etc.

The good news is that everyone has out of the body experiences when they are asleep. This is a natural mechanism of misalignment of the vehicles, or bodies of manifestation, which helps recharge and recover physically and energetically.

And why is this so? A deep relaxation state associated with sleep helps us to stop feeling or thinking about our physical body and as a consequence it creates a gap between our vehicles of manifestation. Notice that relaxation plays a key role during lucid projections.

What most of us lack is the ability to recall it – in other words; to download this information into our brain before we wake up.

Do you recall your last night’s projection? Having an OBE and not knowing about it is almost like not having it at all.

Can we Provoke an OBE?

There are many accounts of people who, after going for a nap, spontaneously feel unusual vibrations in their body before noticing they are floating above their house or in another place or dimension. This seems to be a natural and safe process which can be repeated many times over. Unfortunately only a small minority is able to repeat it at will, the rest of us have to make some effort to master this process.

There is category of lucid projections which includes those of very ill patients, drug abusers and people who suffered sudden body harm and provoked what is commonly known as “near death experiences”, for example.

During these circumstances the body is in severe distress and its weakness facilitates the misalignment of our vehicles of manifestation. The trouble here is that it could be a one way ticket. In other words, if anyone recommends you to take drugs or have car crashes as a means to provoke OBEs, be sceptical, they might not be your friends.

Having established that we are looking for safe and sustainable manners to consistently provoke and recall OBEs, there are many techniques you can experiment with and insist on. Once you identify what can be preventing your lucid OBEs you can make use of specific techniques to overcome the issues.

How to Increase your Chances of Having an Out-of-Body Experience

Here are some tips for those willing to try:

a) Have a strong will: a strong intentionality of having an OBE is decisive. Mentally repeating to yourself before falling asleep that you will have and recall an out of body experience can be a game changer. Positive thinkers are half way there.

b) Master the vibrational state: this is a state in which the whole of your energy body is vibrating strongly. It promotes a misalignment of your vehicles of manifestation and increases your chances. The side effects are fantastic too, you become more energetic sensitive, naturally unblock chakras, improve your awareness and lucidity and is a very powerful resource for energetic self-defence. Please read more about the Vibrational State here.

c) Take very good care of your body: eating and drinking healthily, working out regularly and keeping your brain active will increase your chances. You must be able to rely on your brain to remember your projections and that is another reason for a no drugs policy.

d) Study, research, read accounts: just as you are doing now, saturating yourself with the concept of out of body experiences and its benefits will help you recognise one. Sometimes during a semi-lucid projection you may think you are dreaming which limits your experience. During the classes for the Consciousness Development Programme at IAC you will learn techniques in more detail and will have opportunities to test and discuss them with experienced projectors. Identifying your weaknesses in the process is the first step to master it.

What if you Master Having Lucid OBEs at Will?

If you are persistent enough to carry out the changes in your lifestyle and personality required to include the topics above mentioned it’s likely that you will have OBEs soon. You will find it is a life transforming experience that can give you clues about who we are, where we came from, where are we going to, why we are here and which other intelligent life forms are there in universe.

To provoke projections at will implies to be aware 24/7 because you will be lucid even when your body is resting in bed. It means to have an essential pro-evolutionary skill with unlimited possibilities.


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