How to Exercise Your Psychic Abilities: Develop your Skills


How to Exercise Your Psychic Abilities. A Long and Very Interesting Road Ahead.

Exercise Your Psychic Abilities: A Long and Very Interesting Road Ahead

Psychic abilities give you access to other dimensions and carry many benefits. Psychic abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance or an out-of-body experience can help you understand situations around you from a broader perspective. In order to understand how to exercise your psychic abilities, it is important to see how we apply our time and efforts in our routine.

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If you want to develop a skill – from snowboarding to being really good at chess – you would expect to apply some time to study and practice it. Of course some people would have a natural talent or aptitude to one or the other. However, even raw talent can be greatly improved with practice and an applied technique. Developing psychic abilities is no different.

Maybe you had a couple of intuitions that proved to be 100% correct, or one premonition that played out exactly like you have seen in a dream, or a few very lucid OBEs. This can happen because you tried a bit or even experienced something spontaneously. But now you would like to have more of those experiences, so you are looking for ways to exercise psychic abilities.

Structured Attempts to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

The first recommendation we give to students that come to the IAC is to make “structured attempts” around the type of psychic ability you are trying to develop. By structured attempt I mean you take one hour out of your day where you create the best conditions for you to have experiences and will try to focus exclusively on the technique you are applying.

For example, if you are trying to develop clairvoyance and Saturday afternoon is a calm part of the week for you, you would schedule then that one hour  for your experiment.

You would disconnect from the outside world, switch off mobile and landline, make sure friends and family members will not interrupt you during the attempt.

For some, the best hour to achieve this is at 3 o’clock in the morning, when everyone is asleep. If you go to sleep at midnight and wake up at three, your physical body will be in a deeper state of relaxation, which will help with the psychic technique.

If you are trying to develop clairvoyance, you could use pillows so that your torso and head are at a 30 degree angle, with your head positioned so that you are comfortably looking at your toes. From that position, you could spend 15 minutes working with energies, preferably with the VELO (click here for details), ideally reaching a VS. Avoid moving the physical body to allow for a deeper relaxation.

After that you would open your eyes and try to observe your own aura, the energy field surrounding your body, as you are looking towards your toes. You should try to focus on an imaginary spot in a line that goes from your eyes to your toes. Change the distance of that imaginary spot every minute or so, focusing on a spot that is 30 cm from your forehead, then 60 cm, and so on, until you reach your toe. Pay attention to what happens in the periphery of your field of vision.

After working with a technique like this for 45 minutes, spend the last 15 minutes of your hour writing down  your perceptions, what worked, what didn’t, factors that helped and hindered your psychic ability, insights, what level of relaxation you have achieved and for how long you stayed lucid (awake).

Experiencing Psychic Abilities in Your Everyday Life

It is also important to incorporate psychic abilities into your everyday life. Recognizing spontaneous telepathy when you think about a friend and seconds later he or she calls you can help to gain more confidence in your psychic abilities.

We are often just “spaced out” when we are waiting for something during the day. If we work with a slow computer, for instance, you could use the seconds you wait for the computer to respond to try to feel your energies or see if there is a particular chakra that is active or blocked.

A long meeting where your full engagement is not needed can be an opportunity to try to discretely see the bioenergies (chi, prana) of the room.

Some may be unconsciously shy about doing this as they create an artificial separation between their interest in consciousness development and their self-image. Or, since psychic development is often shrouded in mysticism and, at times, an irrational, “wishy-washy” approach, one may feel the need to repress this kind of ability when surrounded by people that would not receive it well.

If you manage to overcome those self-imposed limitations you will open up to very interesting experiences and will have more elements to learn about what happens around you. It’s like taking a step back and observing things as they happen, but including the multiple dimensions around all of us.

Two Ways to Exercise Psychic Abilities

Trying to exercise psychic abilities in our day-to-day life is very different from trying via structured attempts but both will help with psychic development. The contrast is that the structured attempt will give you better chances of a deep, extraordinary experience while the day-to-day effort will help you to accumulate experience that becomes very useful over time.

Structured attempts tend to give you a deeper understanding of the phenomenon while day-to-day experiences will give you deeper understanding of how the phenomenon interplays with personal growth (or consciousness evolution).

The goal is to make psychic abilities “second nature”, or something as common as perceiving the room temperature when it is outside the expected limits. Interest and curiosity are more effective drivers for this, as opposed to a sense of obligation or ritualistic approach.

If you can incorporate the exercise of non-physical perceptions in your daily routine and add a few structured attempts per month you will soon see major changes in the depth and meaning of this kind of experience. It’s about creating “space” for that to happen.

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