How to Protect Yourself from Negative Psychic Energy in No Time

What is Negative Energy?

By negative energy we understand the type of conscientially formed energy that affects you in any negative way.  This type of energy produces negative resonating thoughts, emotions, as well as states which can range from energetic drainage to anger, anguish, fear, sadness, or even depression.

Without knowledge of bioenergy, its effects, and what to do in such cases, most people believe that all they think and all they feel is being thought and felt by them alone. However energies of places and other people (if you let them) can probe and undermine your own thoughts and feelings, thus influencing your personal more or less persistent states of mind.

How to Protect Yourself from Negative Psychic Energy

There are two ways which will help you block negative psychic energy.

Both information and action will take us there.

1) VELO, Exteriorisation & Energy Absorption

You need to learn about bioenergy – the personal energy that keeps your body alive – and how to work with it.

FIRST: You can learn and then practice daily three basic energetic maneuvers (VELO, exteriorisation and absorption) that will lead you to control your own energy.

This will allow you to tell apart what energetic information is yours from what is external and choose to avoid what you don’t want to affect you.

**By exteriorisation, we mean the self-decided ample donation of one’s energy, and by absorption, we mean the opposite movement, the absorption of selected surrounding energies.

VELO or the Vertical Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation is a long technical expression for a simple basic movement of energies that you can learn at the IAC during its core course: the CDP (Consciousness Development Programme).

The three basic movements of energy that we propose, teach and practise at the IAC have many applications amongst which are balancing of one’s energies, self-cleansing and cleansing of environments, self-protection, assistance to others, and self and hetero healing.  Also we can include here the induction of modified states of consciousness which allow for the occurrence of controled associated parapsychic phenomena.

As you can see above from the variety of possible applications, these are very important tools that we all have and can use envisaging change, evolution, and the construction of a better healthier inhabited world.

2) Lucidity

SECOND: At the IAC we will give you the tools that will allow you to access the deepest and more concealed traits of your consciousness.  This will allow you to become gradually more lucid about the types of thoughts and feelings that are really yours and that you share more often with the external environment.

This insight can help you to understand the connections you tend to make more often and also why you attract and feel attracted to some specific types of people and places more often than to others – physically and non-physically.  If there is something you don’t like, you know what you have to change at the levels of thoughts and feelings and can take appropriate action to start changing them.

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