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How to stop out of body experienceWhen trying to learn how to have an out of body experience, a frequent question that comes up is how to stop out of body experience. Once you are lucid out of the body, the natural tendency is to want to explore and try to understand the other dimensions you can reach while in this state. Going back to the physical body is relatively easy when compared to the process of managing to get out of the body with full lucidity.

Every out of body experience is limited due to the fact that you will be connected to a physical body that has its own needs. If your physical body is cold, or too warm, or needs to go to the toilet, or hears a sound loud enough to interrupt your sleep, your silver cord will naturally pull you back resulting in you waking up.

OBE and Emotions

Strong emotions can also stop the out-of-body experience. If you are not comfortable while being out of the body because of fear, this emotion can quickly grow, then your lucidity will tend to drop and you instinctively will go back to the physical body and wake up. Even emotions considered good can cause this effect: some projectors report that after feeling happy in their first lucid OBE, this emotion quickly grew into euphoria followed by a drop of lucidity and a sudden return to the physical body.

At times you may want to stop the out of body experience at will to make sure that you remember an extraordinary experience or important information learned while out in non-physical dimensions. Longer duration OBEs tend to be harder to remember and the longer you stay outside of the body, the higher the chances of you experiencing lucidity drop.

Lucidity and OBEs

If you have a high lucidity out of body experience, you are better off coming back to the physical body and remembering it rather than continuing out of the body and risking having part of the experience on a lower lucidity scale. If you do end up shifting towards the reduced condition in terms of clarity and awareness, perceptions might be confusing when you recall and analyze the experience as a whole.

An easy way to deliberately go back is to think of your physical body. You can concentrate on visualising a small movement, such as moving one finger or one toe, trying to “feel” them moving. You can also concentrate on breathing.  All those actions will evoke the physical body and initiate the silver cord contraction that will ultimately lead to you waking up.

If you are near your physical body, it gets even easier to come back. An attempt to touch the physical body with your astral one will tend to bring and integrate you back in. Sending your own energies to your physical body will also trigger the realignment of your vehicles. So you could approach the return as a two-phase process: first you can use your bedroom as a mental target, trying to visualise yourself there in order to initiate the return, and once you are there you can focus on the realignment.

To sum up, there are many ways to get back while having an out body experience, with the causes varying from your physical body calling you back to your own decision making. Re-internalising into the body at will can greatly improve the chances of both the overall recall as well as the level of detail you have the capacity to remember after experiencing a lucid OBE.

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