IAC Membership Programme

IAC Membership Programme

Enjoy the benefits!


IAC Membership Programme

By becoming a member of the International Academy of Consciousness – IAC, you enjoy a series of benefits whilst also supporting our educational projects and consciousness research.

Members of the IAC receive discounts on courses, publications and other IAC events as well as a free annual subscription to the scientific journal “Journal of Consciousness”.

Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of payment and you will be able to enjoy your privileges as a member in any of the IAC offices.

IAC Membership: Categories and Benefits

Associate Member


  • Automatic subscription to the Journal of Consciousness
  • 10% discount on all IAC publications (except those already at a promotional price);
  • Retake the Consciousness Development Programme at IAC premisses or online free-of-charge.

Annual contribution: £46

Basic Member


  • All benefits available to Associate Members plus:
  • 5% discount on the Consciousness Development Program course fees at IAC premisses or online;
  • Retake the Consciousness Development Program at IAC premisses or online free-of-charge, as often as desired;
  • 10% discount on laboratories at the local office and the IAC Campus in Portugal;
  • Free admission to Bioenergies in Nature and the Bioenergy Workout workshops;
  • Basic members and above receive 10% discount for their stays at the Hospedarium.

Annual contribution: £75 Individual / £50 per spouse

Major Member


  • All benefits available to Basic Members plus:
  • Participation in the IAC Members’ and Researchers’ Meeting. These are special meetings for Major and Sponsor members only that take place bimonthly at the IAC office (6 meetings per year minimum), held by one of the IAC instructors. These meetings have the following objectives:
    1. Offer leading edge topics from Conscientiology and Projectiology to be researched and discussed among the members and instructors;
    2. Develop research and articles to be published in the Journal of Conscientiology;
    3. Offer materials and basis to understand how to develop the research;
    4. Discuss the new books: Homo Sapiens Reurbanizatus and Pacificus;
    5. Share experiences and information among the participants.

Annual contribution: £150 Individual / £100 per spouse

Sponsor Member


  • All benefits available to Major Members;
  • Sponsor members are those who wish and are able to give an extra contribution to further help the IAC in its work.

Annual contribution: £250 and up.



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