Thematic Courses


Special Thematic Courses

Divided in two basic categories:



The first category aims at offering participants an opportunity to learn about a specific topic from the consciential paradigm perspective. This helps with getting acquainted with IAC and its approach. Courses in this category are typically three hours long and have no pre-requisites.


The second category of Special Thematic Course aims at helping participants to go deeper into conscientiology and understands more complex topics related to consciousness development and psychic development. Those courses usually take six hours or more, and some have pre-requisites, usually the CDP or part of it.


→ We usually bring experienced instructors from other IAC offices to teach courses in the subjects that they specialized in.

→ The list of Thematic Courses is a long one and keeps growing. The best way to know which ones will happen when is to sign up for our e-mail newsletter.

→ You can also check our events calendar to see when the next thematic course is available.

→ Thematic courses are sometimes transmitted online from a live classroom (live + online), or are taught online (online only). You can ask questions via chat in those cases. The calendar of online activities can he found in the main IAC site

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