Intuition is the clear and immediate perception of an idea, truth or information that occurs independent of reasoning or analysis of the thought. It is a modality of direct and precise knowledge which allows us the acquisition of ideas from the multidimensional environment.
It is a form of thought that does not go though a logical and rational sequential process.

The term intuition is frequently used to explain diverse parapsychic phenomena, since it can occur associated to other phenomena, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote view, telepathy, and the spontaneous access to information from our integral memory.

Through experience we can learn to differentiate intuition from other phenomena.

Intuition can occur during the ordinary waking state or during a conscious projection, in which case it is called: extraphysical intuition.

The inspirations are insights; they are a form of intuition and are related to moments of creativity, problem solving or the development of original ideas. Many inventions or discoveries result from inspirations facilitated by the energies of the investigator.


We can classify intuition in 6 related ways:

  1. Prediction: Instantaneous and immediate presentiment prior to some event.
  2. Empirical or sensorial: External or internal knowledge, relative to the interior life through conscious mental phenomena.
  3. Feminine: Condition commonly known as women’s intuition.
  4. Intellectual: Acquisition of knowledge prior to the act of thinking, common in scientific or research processes.
  5. Inventive: Acquisition of an original idea that is the discovery of or a solution to a problem.
  6. Mathematics: Indicates knowledge of the basic notions of logical construction.

Intuition is relevant regarding the process of acquiring multidimensional knowledge. It is through experimentation based on the attempt-correct-error trinomial that we improve our self-confidence in regards to individual intuitions, facilitating the capturing of ideas.

An intuition can be from an animic origin, through the mind of the consciousness and an unconscious reading ofnergies of the environment, people or things, or it can be though a mediumistic character when some type of unconscious communication between an intraphysical consciousness and an extraphysical consciousness exists, very common in this case is the use of the telepathy.

Through mediumistic intuition we can catch information intentionally transmitted by some extraphysical consciousness, unconsciously captured from nearby extraphysical consciousnesses or from some collective consciential pattern.

Pseudo-intuition can produce equivocal choices due to extraphysical communication with immature consciousnesses or patterns of less favorable energies. For this reason it is not ideal to consider intuition as an infallible system of capturing information since the usefulness of the experience depends on the personal energies and the quality of the extraphysical company.

Scientific research when based on ethical principles that can be observed by helpers, specialized extraphysical consciousness, who can facilitate the acquisition of original ideas through advanced or intellectual intuitions. The intellectual or rational intuition if produced together with more subtle parapsychic phenomena generally produce more accurate information; either through graphical schemes or in-block ideas. These types of intuitions are an important part of the brain-mind-multidimensionality connection.


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