Lucid to Out of Body: Three Ways to Manage Your Lucidity During Take-off

Lucid Out-of-Body Experience

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We say staying “lucid” precisely because this is an operation that depends on you, consciousness, and not on your physical body. To avoid ambiguity, we say that the physical body can be awake or asleep, while the consciousness can be lucid or not lucid.

Three Strategies for a Lucid Out of Body Experience

There are at least three strategies you can use in order to stay lucid to astral project.

The first strategy is straightforward: try to stay lucid all the time and go deeper in the relaxation until you get out. This strategy is fine and is among the most commonly used to produce lucid OBEs. It works for some, however for those that have difficulty reaching deeper levels of relaxation, the attempt to stay lucid can keep the relaxation at a level that is not sufficient to produce the OBE.

The second strategy is to let go of the lucidity at some point as you relax. The plan would be to allow the physical body to sleep and to recover lucidity after your astral body disconnected from your physical body. All this can be ok, except that this is already what happens every night. The sleep state tends to produce the disengagement of our physical and extraphysical bodies; however, this does not mean that we will have a lucid out of body experience every night.

The third strategy consists in combining the ability to operate in lower lucidity states and the ability to recover your lucidity without losing relaxation. To a certain extent, it is expected that your lucidity will be lowered as you relax and apply any OBE technique. The first part of this strategy consists in being able to be in control and not losing lucidity completely and, at the same time, allowing time for your physical body to relax. Most people that never trained with OBE techniques fall asleep and loose lucidity abruptly at some point of the OBE attempt.

So the goal is to try to slow down the relaxation process, or to do it in a more controlled manner, in order to allow a bigger gap between lucidity and relaxation. In this strategy it would be ok if you lost a bit of lucidity and got a bit disoriented at some point, as long as you don’t “black out”. You would keep some degree of control to remember at some point that you are trying to get a lucid out of body experience.

obe_1When you realize your lucidity faltered during the OBE attempt you will need a second skill: the ability to go back to a higher lucidity state without losing relaxation. Let’s say you are thirty minutes into applying your OBE technique, and you start to notice that you lost lucidity and feel a bit disoriented.

You could be thinking “wait… what is this… where am I … am I in my bedroom? …”. The knee-jerk reaction is to think “oh, no… I was trying to have an OBE and I should be lucid!” then a sudden (undesired) reconnection the physical body would follow this thought. We associate being awake with being lucid, in control, so when trying to come a more lucid state we may instinctively reconnect to the physical body.

There is no better thing than repetition when trying to master this third strategy. First you would apply an OBE technique, and then watch the process happening to you so you would understand it in practice. The next time it happens you try to slow down the process a little. Even if you fail to prevent the sudden reconnection, you will be accumulating experience with assessing and recovering your lucidity.

After a few times you will get used to the process and get to a state where you are examining what is happening, assessing your lucidity, and not reacting immediately, even if you are on a lower lucidity state. This will help you to separate the lucidity recovery from reconnection to the physical body.

A single attempt will rarely do the trick. While this can take some persistence, it will help you to learn in practice how you operate.

When you manage to recover lucidity without leaving the deep relaxation state, you will be ready to take off. At this point you can try to roll to one side, or to touch your nose on the ceiling to move away from the physical body and take control of your astral body.

Astral Projection Workshop UK

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