Out-of-Body Experience and Fear: A Comprehensive View

astral-projection-2Out-of-Body experience and fear: have you ever experienced sensations or perceptions while you were sleeping or about to fall asleep that you couldn’t quite understand and that led to you feeling fearful or uneasy?

Maybe you had a sleep paralysis, scary ‘dreams’, saw or heard something unusual or perceived a presence but there was no one around.

Well, you are not alone, many people feel fear of astral projection. This is called projectiophobia.

Technically the term projectiophobia refers to the fear of Out-of-body Experiences – OBEs, non-physical beings and subtle dimensions.

This is more common than you might think. People who have these fears avoid mentioning it because they find it difficult to explain and very often even try to forget what happened.

This is why you have probably never heard someone mentioning it, besides the fact that in our society admitting having fears weakens one’s public image.

The general uneasiness created by a lack of comprehension/information around OBEs and other parapsychic phenomena is actually quite a natural response and people will experience it in different intensities and levels of clarity.

This very often drives individuals to try to hide the fact that they do have OBEs or prevents them from trying to understand the subject better.

Fear in Astral Projection: Common Causes

Common fears include:

  • I’m frightened I will get lost outside the body and I won’t be able to come back
  • I’m frightened the silver cord attaching me to my physical body will be cut and I will die
  • I’m frightened that someone will occupy my physical body while I am gone and I won’t be able to get back into my own body
  • I’m frightened I won’t be able to return from the sleep paralysis
  • I’m frightened that I feel a presence and I don’t know how to deal with this
  • I’m frightened as this is a new field for me and it is risky, mysterious and  dangerous

It is natural to have emotions, we can’t imagine our lives without them.  However we must strive to master them and should never let them take control of our manifestations, either as behaviour or ‘just’ our thoughts.  What we think and feel is part of our identity and our manifestation, and thus our energies will carry this information.

The challenge is to understand our emotions letting them to emerge so you can get a better self-knowledge without suppressing them and also without letting these take control over you.

Some people can be ashamed of certain emotions that are not socially accepted – fear for example – but trying desperately to hide them will not solve the problem (they may even get worse as they remain untreated).

They may even spread or contaminate other areas of our manifestation, such as in the case where a person hides a small fear and it grows so much that they end up trying to hide an “elephant”.

Today is the best day to start doing something about it.


Neophobia is the fear of the new things and experiences.

Some people fear new things not because they are dangerous but simply because they are unknown. How many people may never try to find technical, professional information about the OBE and the non-physical realm just because the fear of the novelty?

We need to keep an open mind and open ourselves up for the new, otherwise we create a vicious cycle where the unknown remains unknown and we keep avoiding it. Adding to this the fact that there is a lot of misinformation about these topics and this is exactly what IAC strives to demystify.

Try a simple test: make a list of things you haven’t experienced in life out of neophobia.

How many things have you wanted to explore without ever trying to?

Astral Projection without Fear:
How to Overcome Projectiophobia

The number one aspect is to study to gain as much knowledge about the OBE and non-physical dimensions as you can.

We can’t forget that fear is an emotion and can only be conquered using our rational minds. This has to occur from inside out; there is no way to pretend you are not afraid if you actually are.

It is rare that someone might seek a better understanding through study or through seeking professional advice.

However this attitude seems to be the key to overcoming projectiophobia. It requires inner decision and a disposition to face a challenge because to a certain extent it means looking into your emotions deeply and sincerely, with no self-pity, analysing using your rationality trying frankly to find the roots.

There are a few elements involved in overcoming projectiophobia: bioenergetic self-defence, self-suggestion, emotional control, becoming experienced in dealing with our non-physical body, among others.

The techniques to overcome projectiophobia generally will be based on these elements.

A key method of overcoming projectiophobia is to employ the bioenergy techniques that bring control and self-defence. Remember that outside the body everything is made of energies and the more you know how to deal with this the more able you are to “play” by the same rules as any other non-physical beings.

Astral Projection and Fear:
Face it as Part of your Learning Process in this Life

We are all consciousness (souls, spirits) and we have lived countless times in various lifetimes. This continual rebirth provides us with opportunities to experience situations that will help us to learn what we need to learn.

The majority of the skills or areas we need to improve in our personality are actually merely aspects or areas in which we need to have more experience to learn how to better deal with it.

The reason why I mention that is so we can think together: what then could be the reason to avoid something that is difficult, something you fear or are trying to hide?

The fact is that it will not disappear and we will have to face the challenge either in this life or another in order to get experienced in the area in order to stop it being a problem or vulnerability.

Other Facets to Consider

We all have blind spots (metaphorically speaking these are traits of our personality that we are still unconscious of), but we are somehow what we can “see” and comprehend.

What we can’t see we can’t work with and we can’t change – and this is why we suffer the ignorance regarding the blind spots because we have no awareness of their existence.

On the other hand, the more we can see and understand the more we can do and achieve in this life. This is why sometimes unconsciously people prefer to deny the fears and keep them as blind spots; otherwise they will feel compelled to do something about it.

As we accumulate experiences throughout lives we become wiser, more mature, we pacify certain things inside us, and we also feel stronger to face the fears and stop trying to mask them.

As long as we admit to ourselves to have a certain characteristic – in this case projectiophobia – it means it is no longer a blind spot and we are able to analyse it with our rational mind, therefore we are ready to find a strategy and actively do something to confront and overcome it.

This is self-knowledge and is meant to help us to be happier, stronger and productive; one should never use their traumas or problems as an excuse to maintain certain behaviours or just for victimisation. This will get the person stuck at this point.
Some may think acknowledging their fragilities make them weak, but this is a myth to surpass. Experience shows it is exactly the opposite: it gives you strength. Being aware of your fears doesn’t mean succumbing to them, exposing yourself to anyone or making a storm in a tea cup.

The idea is to recognise and even study them, scrutinise the fears and traumas, go to the bottom of the problems in order to demystify and leave them in the past.

And by that I don’t mean to forget or leave them aside, because this is neither possible nor desirable. Our previous experiences took part on the process of building our current individuality and it is not supposed to be dismissed.

This courageous attitude to look deeply inside will build an incredible self-confidence, which will naturally reflect on one’s wellbeing and general performance in life, and moreover will affect in a very positive way one’s parapsychism.

Throughout history, parapsychic or paranormal phenomena has had an aura of mystery and suspicion around it, mostly due to a lack of understanding and information. Later during the Dark Ages, the influence of organised religion to control people through fear led people to view it with danger for fear of Hell or retribution.

As science at that moment didn’t cover non-objective phenomena, religion was then the prime point of explanation to the masses. Many parapsychics were also mistaken as mentally ill and mistreated, again for lack of knowledge.

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to take a stance and face the OBE and other psychic phenomena with no mysticism involved and to search for better understanding of its process without fear of persecution.

Looking inside and studying the self seems the best way to deal with fear as it separates the imagination from the rational context. Once a person finds the cause it can be treated because then it is real, while it is still on the sphere of imagination nothing can be done.

We need to replace imagination with research, fear with knowledge.

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