PENTA – Personal Energetic Task – May 14th, from 7 to 10PM

An Advanced Energy Technique for Healing and Helping Others

An Advanced Energy Technique for Healing and Helping Others





 May 14th, from 7 to 10PM.

Pre-Requisite: CDP, module 2.


This is a classroom and also an online course. You can watch it from your home via internet or if you prefer to be in the classroom we have 6 spaces available. Early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.

PENTA (Personal ENergetic TAsk) is an advanced energy technique employed for the purpose of assisting physical and nonphysical individuals. It consists of the anonymous daily transmission of energy, performed in the waking state, for the benefit of consciousnesses in need.

PENTA was proposed by Waldo Vieira over 40 years ago and made accessible to the public in 1993. Penta is:
·  an effective means of assisting others in a non-ritualistic, non-religious and non-mystical fashion;

·  a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining strong connections between the practitioner and his/her extraphysical helpers;

·  in evolutionarily terms, an investment highly rewarding for the PENTA practitioner.

This three-hour thematic course examines the practical and technical aspects of PENTA in detail, with emphasis on what is actually going on extraphysically during the course of the PENTA session, i.e. on the practical side of the experience. The instructor Patricia Sousa, will relate his personal experiences of the technique and describe the diversity of perceptions and phenomena reported by other practitioners.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the technique, the execution of PENTA and the range of occurrences related to the practice, are complex. It is a form of assistance that poses a mega-challenge for the intraphysical practitioner, therefore this insightful course should not be missed by either current practitioners or anyone interested in taking up the practice of PENTA.


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The broadcast starts at 19:00 London time (GMT). Check your local time with World Clock:

Date:  Tuesday, 14th of May 2013

Hours: 7PM to 10PM

From: IAC London Educational Centre

Please register at least one day in advance if you are planning to attend online and contact We will send you the link and the code to participate on this course.

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