Personal Development Short Courses London

Personal Development Short Courses London – Advanced 1 is for You!

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If you are looking for a personal development course in London, the IAC’s Advanced 1 course is an incredible experience you won’t easily forget.

Lasting 3 days (from Friday to Sunday), the workshop takes place in a Conference Centre in High Wycombe, Lane End, and it is organised through the IAC UK in London (office in Tottenham Court Road). Getting to Lane End takes only 30 minutes from Heathrow airport and it is easily accessible by train or car.

This conference centre is everything an IAC student could hope for: the spacious facilities are enclosed in quiet and beautiful surroundings so participants can immerse themselves in the atmosphere the workshop offers and reflect upon themselves through deep self-analysis.

As a volunteer, I have completed Advanced 1 twice – once as a student and once as an IAC monitor. In both occasions I found that the combination of the different activities (energy work, video sessions, group discussions and the theoretical classes) act as a perfect backdrop to help individuals assess as well as understand where they are within their personal evolution.

This incredible workshop will benefit anyone looking into acquiring practical techniques for getting on track with their life purpose or existential programme.

Be the Best You Can Be!

Advanced 1 is all about you. Its main focus is to become aware of personal strong traits that can help us evolve as well as weak traits that simply hinder our progress through life.

Being coherent with one self (what we say, what we think, what we do) is at the core of our development as individuals. The workshop helps you to be open with yourself; to be open to new answers which are coming from within.

Straight away I learned that what really matters is how I react to people and situations that happen ‘outside of me’ – the course helped me to devise strategies to change my reactions; a priceless tool for growth!

Vehicles of Manifestation

Through each vehicle of manifestation (mentalsoma, psychosoma, energosoma and soma) we can display different attributes: some of them will be positive and healthy while others will be pathological or unhealthy. Throughout the theoretical classes we looked at each one in depth and some of us discussed our personal experience when identifying them.

Pathological ones would include: mental laziness, lack of concentration, short attention span, disorganisation, radicalism, ectopic intelligence, alienation from reality, egocentrism, aggression, irritability, ridicule, complacency, hedonism, repressed grief, impatience, impulsiveness, pessimism, lack of energy, restricted lucidity, long term blockages, difficulty in thinking, chronic bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Healthy aspects would include: reflection, lucidity, discernment, determination, fraternity, hyperacuity, self-motivation, generosity, altruism, comprehension, serenity, enthusiasm, dynamism, mental hygiene, productive entertainment, good humour, cultivated intelligences, etc.

Participants really engage in discussing these attributes and a lot of thought is put into evaluating how they affect us.

Consciential Attributes and Our Existential Programme

Part of the course is dedicated into looking in depth at our consciential attributes (leadership, communication, prioritisation, coherence, conscientiality & universality). Again, participants are invited to talk about their experience and how they find each of these affect their behaviour in life.

In the last part of the theoretical class we looked at the factors (both resources as well as impediments) that could affect the progress in our existential programme. It has been remarked that participants who show an interest in these personal growth workshops probably did devise an existential programme with a clear path when in the intermissive period. This was most interesting to me as I definitely feel that this life is like a huge workshop full of tools. When well utilised, these tools can most definitely propel us into being ‘on track’ with anything we could have pre-planned.

Finally, it was important to be able to identify the different stages when it comes to the change process (identification > acceptance > communication > comprehension > experimentation > change) and we also looked at examples of rational laws within the existential programme.

“Conscientiogram”: The Definitive Tool

The “Conscientiogram” is a book which serves as a model for understanding as well as analysing the human being by using an integral approach. It consists of 100 evaluation sheets with 20 questions each; a great instrument to measure human performance which serves as a compass to determine where we are at in our evolutionary growth.

At the Advanced 1 course we looked at some of the questions this well organised book poses. We were advised to go through each one of them in our own time as it would give us a comprehensive outlook on our development as consciousnesses.

It took the author, Waldo Vieira, 22 years to elaborate this meticulous existential evaluation test. Highly recommended even if you don’t take the course.

Advanced 1: More than Just a Workshop

The best day in our lives is TODAY. Advanced 1 is a potent wake up call to our multidimensional reality and evolutionary growth. It has been wonderfully structured so in the space of 3 days it beautifully combines the different activities in a way in which the participant feels empowered to spot the different traits and use these individual characteristics to, over time, change and grow.

This great workshop is packed with fantastic information which will make you ponder upon your direction in life, effectively reminding you that the commitment for self-knowledge, self-research and self-performance is always with yourself and no one else.

Interested in your personal development?

Have a look at your Advanced 1 course

IAC is an International non-profit research and educational institution dedicated to consciousness studies and helping people develop their human potential through courses held at centres around the world.

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