Personal Energetic Task

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PENTA: Personal Energetic Task

The Personal Energetic Task (PENTA) is, in simple terms, the assistential transmission of energy (also known as chi, prana or life force) aimed at helping extra physical consciousnesses (entities, spirits, people who have passed away). It takes place at the same time every day, and it is performed in the normal waking state.

PENTA was developed by Dr Waldo Vieira over the last 30 years, and it is the most effective way of staying connected to the extra physical community in which you prepared for this current life in the period between lives.

The PENTA Manual provides detailed explanations of the advanced energetic method that is used in the technique. You will find step-by-step instructions on how it is done, when, where, why and for whom.

This technique gives you the opportunity to perform highly evolved assistance, together with extra physical helpers or guides.

Among the benefits you can expect from PENTA you will find the following:

– Freeing yourself from intrusion, or the interruption of extra physical or intra physical consciousnesses who exert a negative influence on you
– Help people who have passed away to fully disconnect from this physical world and continue on their transition to the extra physical dimension
– Develop your own bioenergies further


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