Personal Growth – What Does it Mean?

Personal Growth What Does It Mean?Learning is a fact of life. It may happen slowly or quickly, deliberately or more randomly, with or without suffering. However, if there is one thing we know about our human condition is that we learn and grow with time. While wondering about life purpose, your thoughts might have been around the “personal growth what does it mean” neighbourhood, possibly trying to figure out what type of activity in this life would make one fulfilled.

I will address this question from the conscientiology perspective, where personal growth is amongst the best results you can achieve from one human life. Thinking about life in general from the personal growth perspective can help us to understand and deal with complex scenarios that we might encounter in our daily lives.

What is Personal Development?

Conscientiology is the science of consciousness. It aims at understanding who we are, how we grow (or evolve), and how the interactions with others affect this process. The paradigm used by conscientiology considers that we, consciousnesses, are multiexistential and multidimensional beings. In other words, we had multiple lives and expect to have many more,  we also can interact in multiple non-physical dimensions (planes, realms). Each of us has a multiple-life biography, or holobiography, and this is why there is no universal, fixed formula for personal growth that will fit every individual and every level of evolution.

Personal Growth and Reincarnation

Analysing personal growth with a multiple lives perspective helps a lot, since experiences from past lives can influence our behaviour in this life. Understanding multiple lives and past life recall does not explain everything we do, since some types of behaviour and traits might have developed in this life. However, having a better understanding of those influences might help you steer away from repeating yourself, or falling into traps you have fallen into before. This will certainly assist your personal growth.

Many traits take longer than one life to develop or change. For example, a deeply sectarian person that had a traumatic life, which further reinforced that trait, may need a few additional lives to revert to a more accepting and inclusive approach.

Personal Growth and Other Dimensions

The other factor to consider in personal growth is that each of us, as a consciousness, can interact in many dimensions, meaning, we are multidimensional beings. If I am talking to someone over the phone, my voice is the primary means of communication, which means that my physical body is probably the primary vehicle responsible for sending the message.

If, on the other hand, I am sending energies (chi, prana) to a friend, with the intention of speeding up his or her health recovery for instance, or as part of assistantial or healing work, my manifestation is happening through the energy body. Since the energy body is not a physical one and is not in the physical dimension, we can say that this energy transmission is an extraphysical interaction.

If you develop your inherent ability as a consciousness to interact with other dimensions, or in other words, develop your psychic abilities, your growth process will be facilitated, especially if you rationally apply this towards understanding your daily reality.

The Conscientiology Approach to Personal Growth: Evolution

In conscientiology, personal growth means developing yourself as a consciousness. Evolution involves growth that happens within you (intraconsciential) and also improvement of relationships you have with other people.

Improving personal traits is one example of intraconsciential growth. A person can grow from being self-centred to being more altruistic, or from being constantly in victimisation to a more assistantial manifestation, focused on helping others.

Your psychic ability (parapsychism) is also part of personal growth. If you cannot feel or control your energies today, but learn how to do it to a reasonable level in the future, you would have achieved some personal growth to get there. Another example is to develop the ability to unblock your chakras, something related to the overall trait of energetic mastery.

Parapsychism improvement has to go hand in hand with personal growth, and vice-versa, otherwise you will limit yourself. If you get really good in parapsychism, start seeing auras, reading and giving energies, for example, you can get stuck if you don’t improve yourself in parallel with this development.

On the other hand, if you only develop your internal traits without parapsychism you would be limiting yourself because you will only see one life and one dimension, the material world. While you can still learn a lot with this approach, you will be missing out on understanding the big picture, which involves multiple lives and multiple dimensions.

Personal growth is also practical. You cannot confuse what you know with who you are. Knowing more about ethics does not make you an ethical person. You have to be more ethical. Similarly, intellectual understanding of things is important in some cases, however if action and change are absent, evolution is amiss.

Clearing karmic links is another aspect related evolution. No one is alone in their evolutionary path and we do not evolve alone. Working only on ourselves while neglecting relationships and karmic accounts we have with people around us means that we are limiting ourselves. This makes “going to the top of a mountain in isolation in order to reach your illumination” strategy not wise, since with this approach you would not be able to work on karmic links that you might have.

Karma alters balance between free will and determinism while personal growth includes an expansion of your free will by clearing off the karmic links.

Another characteristic of consciousness evolution is that it always goes forward. We can demonstrate less evolved behaviour in isolated events, particularly when there is a trait that was not fully improved, but that does not mean that we have “walked backwards” in the evolutionary path. We can also experience extrapolations, where we behave in a way that would be typical of an evolutionary level above ours, but that does not mean that we are there yet.

The helpful analogy to demonstrate this is that of a professional musician who may play one song poorly, but this does not make him an average player. On the flip side of the coin, an average person can play one song professionally, but this does not make him a professional.

Techniques for Personal Growth

Conscientiology aims at considering several forces in this growth process, such as an evolutionary group, karma (or cause-and-effect), moral authority, ability to help others, the quality of that help in terms of evolutionary results, awareness of the evolutionary process, psychic abilities, and so on.

Techniques and personal development exercises may help the process of personal growth. The evolutionary duo technique, for example, builds on a stable and healthy relationship of a couple, where both are deliberately and constantly working on their existential programs (life mission, life task), and support one another in larger assistantial tasks (consciential gestations).

Other techniques, such as the existential inversion, aim at prioritizing personal growth and the existential program from very early stages in life.

In summary, starting from the premise that each of us is a consciousness, with multiple lives and manifesting in multiple dimensions, we will need self-knowledge and parapsychism to get a clearer picture of what our next step is in terms of personal growth.

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