Precognition (latin: pre, before; cognoscere, to know) is the consciential capability or ability to perceive, see, to tune with or intuit future events popularly known as premonition, hunch and prophecy. Precognition can occur seconds, minutes, hours or even centuries before, such as the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Precognition can manifest itself in different ways: spontaneously in the waking state; as precognitive dreams; and through the out-of-body experience, named extraphysical precognition.

Extraphysical precognition is defined as the perceptive faculty with which the consciousness, fully projected out of the body, gets to know undetermined coming events, objects, scenarios and distant shapes.

The extraphysical precognition is the most clear and precise manifestation of precognition. It can be explained by one of the characteristics of the consciousness: timelessness. While in the soma, we are subjected to the greatest degree of objective and subjective influence of the factor of time, by using the psychosoma, this influence is greatly reduced, and while using the mentalsoma such restriction is inexistent.

It is important to clarify that nothing is totally determined. Everything is subjected to change. There are certain events with greater probability to occur while the probability of others occurring is scarce, with time playing an important role.

In general the greater part of parapsychic predictions occur related to catastrophes, disasters, accidents, that is, negative events. One of the possible reasons for that can be the thosenic resonance of the holothosene is still very focused on the sen (feelings).

Some of the most meaningful precognitions confirmed are the communication satellites presaged by Arthur C. Clark, submarines and trips to the moon foreseen by Jules Verne; and the prophecies of Nostradamus about some dictators and other visions of the future confirmed afterwards.

According to the consciential paradigm, there are other variables that also interfere with the future. Some of these variables are:

  • Other dimensions:

    One example can be the interference of some extraphysical communities over the intraphysical societies, forming superposing energetic dimensions even though being in different consciential states.

  • More evolved consciousnesses:

    Helpers help us acting for the benefit of everyone involved.

  • Less evolved consciousnesses:

    Intruders with lower discernment trying to impose their will. Consciousnesses that do not decide for themselves are more prone to be influenced by these consciousnesses eager to exert some kind of control.

  • Consciential energies or thosenes:

    When we travel to a different location in our city we can more easily identify the holothosenic and mesologic influence.

  • Holothosenes of the past:

    They can significantly hamper change and renovation.


How can we develop our precognitive capability?

It is important to retain clear that we all can develop our precognitive capability and have an active role in the microuniverse of our actions. As with any capability we may want to develop, it is essential to have discernment, will and self-confidence in our consciential energies. To define the more concretely possible our goals helps to focus our energies in our objectives, thus more easily having future perceptions.

We receive constant extraphysical stimuli and, according to our personal energetic development, we may perceive them or not. Thus, the control of our bioenergies is a very valuable resource for those who wish to, increasingly, think for themselves; free of external pressures of extraphysical origin.

Consciential maturity grows as the consciousness expands her perceptions, extending perspective of reality, controlling and organizing new stimuli and interacting with other dimensions.

Many persons still resort frequently to mediums (passive and not very reliable subjects) in difficult moments of their lives, believing blindly, entailing a still primary level of consciential maturity. This reports back to antiquity: the Greeks, for example, used to query the oracle. This is a clear example of self-mimicry; life upon life following the same pattern.

What is the contribution of precognitions?

Allows the courageous consciousness to perceive her own individuality by learning the value of the freedom of thought and the responsibility of her actions; increases the quality of her options for the future, eliminating brainwashing and any kind of dependency.

The person aware of the reality accesses the logic and feasible theorice of her existential program, normally accessed through the out-of-body experience, taking the reins of her life and realizing herself as a mini-piece of the existential maxi-mechanism.

The most important form of precognition is the one concerned with the next existential seriality; the preparation of the next intraphysical life. Precognition is the only resource able to preserve us against our millenary tendency of comfortable repetitions of dispensable existential experiences.

The preparation for the next existence culminates with the maximum awareness of the intraphysical consciousness who finds out beforehand, through extraphysical precognitions, the four future essential conditions: what will do in the future, where will reborn, approximately in which epoch and who will be part of her groupkarma.

The precognitarium is the physical base, scientifically prepared to facilitate and predispose the development of lucid precognitive projections of consciousness. If, for example, there is any indication that the next life may be in China, we can create a Chinese evocative environment in the place we intend to use as precognitarium.


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