Projections of the Consciousness

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PROJECTIONS OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS: A Diary of Out-of-Body Experiences

Projections of The Consciousness presents, in great detail, the full account of 60 out-of-body experiences with the objective of motivating the general public to have OBEs and explain the various attributes of the different types of OBEs that can be experienced.

You will find a general overview of OBEs, focusing on the theory and practice of the phenomenon. The 60 accounts are of very high caliber, in terms of the contents presented and the comprehensive description of each diary entry.

The author presents an objective and sincere narrative with explanatory comments for each experience. The attentive accuracy of the analysis of these extra-physical events will aid readers to overcome the fearful views towards OBEs and to have a greater sense of direction when experiencing OBEs on their own.

Dr Vieira relates events that cover different themes, such as education and assistance to extra physical beings in need, and preparing them for future physical experiences. Finally, you will find a complete account of the attainment of a rather transcendent expansion of the consciousness that is not only rare, but also meticulously described in its entirety.

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