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RETROCOGNITIONS: An Investigation Into Memories of Past Lives and the Periods Between Lives

Many people wonder who they were in their past lives. There are therapeutic reasons for looking into your own past lives, but there are also other benefits like enhanced self-knowledge, improved relationships, finding out what your purpose in life is and expanding your sense of universalism.

This book is different from others in the field, primarily because it focuses on how the period between lives can provide a richer source of information regarding key evolutionary milestones that you have set for yourself for your current physical life.

The author introduces key concepts, such as memory and consciousness, to pave the road for the wider discussions that follow. You will find information on a number of factors to help you induce the retrocognitive experience.

Most importantly, Retrocognitions provides clear and practical techniques and exercises to optimise your chances of success, including how to balance your bioenergies and obtain increased mental and emotional equilibrium. The author also lists warnings against hypnosis, which is portrayed as a last resort given the dangerous side-effects that can be experienced when done incorrectly.

This book is written in an easy-to-read style, with clear definitions of any new concepts introduced throughout each chapters.

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