Self-Experimentation and Self-Research


Self-Experimentation and Self-Research

A more complete understanding of yourself


Self-experimentation describes scientific research carried out by individuals seeking a more complete understanding of themselves. This kind of research involves the individual or consciousness as both the subject of study and the researcher who observes and analyzes the experience. Personal experience, then, is the means by which the research is carried out.

In projectiology and conscientiology, one real experience is more valuable than one thousand theoretical ideas. First-hand experience is self-convincing and eliminates all types of brainwashing.

By experiencing the out-of-body experience or other psychic phenomena, individuals have opportunities to acquire information about themselves from a broader perspective and, therefore, to perform self-research.

The self-knowledge acquired through authentic, direct psychic experiences allows individuals to verify:

  • existence of their non-physical bodies,
  • influence of non-physical consciousnesses,
  • reality of bioenergies in our everyday lives and in our relationships,
  • recurrence of unconscious patterns brought from previous lives,
  • facts about life after life,
  • reasons for their physical lives,

and many other related issues.

On a day-to-day basis, each of us interacts with our environment, influencing and being influenced, exchanging thoughts, ideas and energies with our surroundings and with the people that populate this world. Over a period of time, we may gradually alter our perspectives, developing ideas and modifying existing ones.

At its most fundamental level, self-experimentation is based on increasing our awareness of these interactions and changes, developing acute, uncorrupted recognition of our responses to different stimuli and situations. Analysis of data accumulated through repeated observation of responses provides improvement in our understanding of ourselves and illuminates the basis of our thoughts, sentiments, actions and reactions.

Establishing a self-regulated program of experimentation such as this provides systematic personal breakthroughs that form the foundation for increased personal freedom and accelerated evolution. Programs of self-research provide not only personal benefits but also information about ourselves.

The reasoning behind this approach is described by the consciential paradigm, a leading-edge perspective of existence that places consciousness at its centre and suggests a need for investigation that goes beyond the purely objective explorations of traditional mechanistic science.

Whilst conventional science systematically excludes the idea of an individual essence or consciousness (popularly known as spirit) being the primary causal force in its own existence, the consciential paradigm – via self-research – focuses on examining our multidimensional nature as well as our relationship with non-physical dimensions and our perceptions that go clearly beyond the ordinary physical senses.

Experience of this conscientiocentric approach leads to the understanding that human, physical life is in fact a type of ‘laboratory’ designed to allow each of us to exercise, whether knowingly or unknowingly, our self-determination and awareness.

This increased knowledge allows researchers to include optimization of their environment into the self-experimentation process. IAC has developed a variety of optimized environments, known as consciential laboratories, each aimed at supporting a specific area of self-research. Self-experimentation in these laboratories is available for those who have taken IAC’s curricular course at its educational centers. In addition, the training method adopted by IAC focuses on direct personal experience.

Physically, a consciential lab is a room with features that allow the control of light, temperature and sound levels whilst extra-physically, preparations are made to install an energetic field relating to its theme; the result is a multi-dimensional chamber providing optimized conditions for psychic and inter-dimensional experiences.

This is achieved by creating conditions that invert the usual emphasis, amplifying those elements that are ordinarily less accessible whilst diminishing the intrusive distractive components. This specialized arrangement of the physical, extraphysical and energetic situation creates an opportunity for deep self-research and expansion of one’s self-awareness as it relates to the theme of each laboratory.

Different laboratories are created by combining a set of prescribed physical and energetic conditions and theoretically it is possible to establish a laboratory to support self-research related to any consciential field or sub-discipline.

The IAC campus in Portugal feature a variety of consciential laboratories utilizing these multidimensional technologies.

Conscientiological self-experimentation represents a nexus where the leverage afforded by organized, rational scientific conduct is combined with individual effort in pursuit of the fundamental purpose of physical life: personal discovery and evolution. It represents the most dynamic and opportune arrangement currently available to accelerate personal evolution.

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