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The Sixth Sense is a film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, with Bruce Willis acting as Doctor Malcolm Crowe, a famous child psychologist, stubbornly holding on to the painful memory of a young patient who he was unable to help and Haley Joel Osmen acting as Cole Sear, a confused and frightened eight year boy who needs treatment.

The start of the film shows the death of Dr. Malcolm Crowe, assaulted in his house by an old patient who was attended ten years ago. The unexpected death leads the Doctor to ignore his condition, carrying on the same he had before dying. The Doctor starts a relationship with Cole Sear, (who is capable of seeing “dead people”, extraphysical consciousnesses) who has a profile similar to the patient who murdered the doctor, which leads the Doctor to think that he can not help him.

The film presents a number of parapsychic phenomena that are studied by the sciences of projectiology and conscientiology.

The first situation presented in the film is Dr. Malcolm’s death, who because he is not aware of the fact, continues to be attached to his wife, his house and his career.

When a person undergoes the first desoma, depending on his/her evolutionary level, it is quite common for that person to remain for a certain amount of time, more or less tied to the dense extraphysical dimension closest to the physical dimension, acting in the same environment where he/she used to live, maintaining the same activities and attitudes that he/she used to have when they were still physically alive. Due to conditioning and the fact that these consciousnesses have not gone through the second desoma. This means that they need the denser energies from the intraphysical dimension, and because of the dense energies from the remains of their energosoma they keep themselves more connected to the intraphysical dimension on earth.

Cole has the capacity to capture thosenic (energetic) information and to perceive extraphysical consciousness. How does he have this capacity?

The boy has well developed parapsychism (perhaps because he has worked on developing this in other lives and perhaps because he is still a child and is therefore less conditioned by physical life) which allows him to perceive the extraphysical dimension and extraphysical consciousnesses who want to communicate with him, in this case, to ask for help to improve their condition.
He also has the ability to use psychometry to perceive other people’s past life, an example of this is when he knew his teacher stammered at a younger age.

Parapsychism is a natural capacity in people, which everybody can develop through training, disciplines, specific techniques and motivation.

The wife of the Doctor is in the store where she works and while attending a couple who want to buy a commitment ring speaks with them about the object’s energies.

Objects and the places retain the consciential energy (CE) of the person who used it or lived at the place. Once psychometry or energetic reading is performed information can be obtained about the particular characteristics of the people who had been in contact with the object. In the movie the object is a ring which was impregnated with the energy of its former owner.

In Cole’s house a series of phenomena occur: the opening and closing of closet doors, various noises and objects disappearing.

These phenomena when occurring together can be considered poltergeist (a German word meaning joker ghost) phenomena which are normally produced by an extraphysical consciousness that has gone through the first desoma. In this case, they employ the energies of a person, generally a female teenager, who lives in the house, to generate the phenomena. If the person moves from the house the occurrence of the phenomena can disappear. This phenomenon can also be triggered by the energies of the place, known as haunted houses.

Cole remarks to Dr. Malcolm: Sometimes I see dead people, acting normally as if they do not know they are dead.

The extraphysical consciousnesses live in overlaid, more subtle dimensions and carry on acting at the same evolutionary level he/she had before their desoma. The consciousness does not change once they change the dimension, they carry on being the same as they were before, the only thing that has changed is the body in which they manifest.

There are some moments during the film in which a dramatic temperature reduction is observed.

This temperature reduction can occur when some consciousness(es) is present in the environment and contribute to changing the energetic pattern, sometimes as a result of the formation of ectoplasma which affects the physical dimension.

Through the film the latent “assistential” necessity is present. This is something the actors discover. Evolution is dynamised once we assist others and this includes those who have gone through biological death.

In summary, in the film we can see examples of the existential multidimensional reality of the consciousness:

  • First, the consciousness “does not die”, they only leave the physical body when it is deactivated.
  • Second, a consciousness continues existing (manifesting) in other more subtle dimensions, using a more subtle body, the psychosoma.
  • Third, the consciousness does not change their intimate reality once they change the dimension. They continue thinking, feeling and acting as they used to do in the physical dimension with the physical body.



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