So What are Lucid Dreams?

Lucid Dreams

In a nutshell, a lucid dream is a stage between a dream and a lucid out of body projection. Those special times during which some of us manage to gain some lucidity can be confusing to our ingenious brain. That is why it reacts by trying to adjust/modify incomprehensible for its analysis situations.  It tries to fill the gaps with oneiric images that transform the experience into something more plausible to us. This way our brain blends reality with dreams creating what we call “lucid dreams”.

There are many accounts of lucid dreams and what is remarkable about this experience is that frequently the dreamer manages to take control of part of the dream.

In order to understand how reality and dream can mix, let’s suppose you wake up one day and remember having a flying dream. After questioning yourself to try to remember more details, you conclude that you were on an aeroplane but strangely there is no recall of the cabin seats, wings, engines and perhaps other passengers. All you can remember is what you saw through the windows. This could well be because your resourceful brain is attempting to find the most probable interpretation for a flying dream. Interestingly enough many people would not normally delve deeper into their dream recollections and would easily disregard this experience as an unusual dream about flying.

In essence during sleep we all experience a misalignment of our consciential vehicles of manifestation. Whilst most people have no awareness in the sleep state, some of us manage to gain some lucidity which would be the equivalent of “waking up” during sleep. It suffices to say that experiencing a fully lucid projection is a life changing experience. It is as impactful as a near death experience (NDE) but with the advantage that we are not under life threatening conditions. We could say it is a safe way to learn more about who we truly are and those who manage to have even a single lucid out of body experience no longer fear death.

Have you thought it possible visiting your loved ones whether they are amongst us in a physical body or not?  What about exploring Earth or perhaps other planets? Assisting other consciousnesses in need? Having control of your own experiences is invaluable.

Most people recall some dreams, a more selective group is hooked on their lucid dreams experiences and wish they have one every night. However the next level up, a lucid projection of the consciousness, is a much richer experience.

It’s astounding to think that anyone can train and convert their sleep time into something incredibly meaningful and productive whilst the vast majority of us can barely recall their dreams. There is an immense amount of knowledge available to those who are lucid when out of body.


Turning a Dream into a Lucid Projection

The good news for those who experience lucid dreams is that they are ever so close to having a fully lucid projection. The key is to gain a bit more lucidity and to everyone’s benefit various techniques have been researched and can be applied to facilitate this transition.

As a general rule if you want to succeed in whatever challenging goal you have, it’s paramount to be persistent and learn from those who have achieved it. The same is true if you want to increase and maintain a higher degree of lucidity for longer. Anyone can do it and IAC regularly offers a range of courses where students train not only to achieve this goal but also to learn about many other evolutionary aspects related to out of body experiences.

During the Consciousness Development Programme (CDP) for example, students apply a range of techniques to maximise the possibility of experiencing lucid projections, increase the chances of remembering their dreams or projections and also discuss other pieces of our life’s puzzle: bioenergies, evolution, assistantiality, various psychic phenomena and other related topics.

The welcoming international team of IAC instructors is comprised of volunteers, researchers, and writers who take a scientific approach to the studies of consciousness.

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