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Based on the novel “Stir of Echoes”, published by Richard Matherson in 1958, the film “Stir of Echoes” was written and directed by David Koepp.

The film tells the experience of a family constituted by Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon), his wife Maggie (Kathryn Erbe) and their son Jake (Zachary David Cope). Tom’s life changes, after he allows his sister-in-law to hypnotize him during a party. In the following days he starts to have nightmares and to frequently perceive images.

Below, some characteristics related to the facts of the film will be presented:
  • During the hypnosis session, his sister-in-law takes advantage to create a post-hypnotic suggestion, without his consent. She suggests that he will have an open mind to everything that he did not previously believe.

In conscientiology the use of hypnosis is not recommended as a first option to solve a problem, since this process is intrusive and can present secondary effects. Similar to surgery in medicine, hypnosis should only be used as a last resource.

Before submitting oneself to a hypnotist, it is important to know his/her experience, the level of his/her energetic control, and his/her over all level of ethics. In relation to the film, implanting a post-hypnotic suggestion without the consent of the person is an unethical act. Moreover, the development of the parapsychism must be achieved through personal work, to prevent what happened in the film. In the film Tom loses control and becomes mentally and emotionally unbalanced, because of the unexpected increase in his perceptions. For this reason, it is important to develop energetic control through personal will power, thus the persons sensitivity develops in a controlled manner.

  • Jake, Tom’s son, speaks with a person who died in his room and afterwards he sees the deceased in a cemetery where the funeral is being held.

In this case the boy is capable of communicating with extraphysical consciousnesses, in particular, a young girl who died in the house where he lives now. An occurrence of the well-known invisible friend, for children can be the result of communication with an extraphysical consciousness.

The effortlessness communication with the extraphysical consciousnesses, which some children experience, occurs because their energosoma is still flexible. Due to hyperactivity or excessive imagination some children are habitually in a waking discoincidence, which can generate an increase in his/her, perceptions.

  • Tom feels that his son is being taken.

When increasing their sensitivity a person can perceive what is happening with those with whom they are more affectively connected. Because of this when he leaves his son with the babysitter, he felt something was wrong; even at a start he does not know exactly what is going on. But finally the sensations increase and as the energy arrives so do the information about on what is happening. In these cases, the perception comes as a clear and intense intuition.

  • Tom awakes and remembers a series of facts, as it was the second time that he was awakening. As in the dream a boot is underneath the sofa and there is a post-it note on the mirror with a message he had previously read. With these proofs he concludes that the following memory of the image of his son’s friend running will occur.

This is an example of precognition or the anticipated perception of a fact, as was explained in a previous mini-magazine. Having a precognition does not guarantee that the events will occur. But in this case because the event is close to happening the probability of this occurring exactly as perceived is very high.

The affinity with the people involved in a situation is one factor that contributes to the accuracy of a precognition.

  •  The girl, who died in the house, asks Tom to find her dead body.

This is a situation used in other films in which the dead person tries to discover the cause of his/her death. However it is important to take into account that a person who died under violent circumstances and in a short period of time is likely to be disturbed and not capable of acting with lucidity; it is possible that they do not know what exactly happened (like in the film the Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis). In this case the communication with the boy wouldn’t be as smooth as we can see in the film.

What can help the extraphysical consciousness even more than finding their murders, is the people who live in the place start to habitually exteriorize energies to help others regain their lucidity.


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