The Astral City – A Spiritual Journey – Video Discussion – June 2nd, 2013 Sunday Starting at 1PM – 4PM

IAC’s Video Discussion is an entertaining yet profound and educational event where participants get together to watch a movie related to the sciences of Conscientiology and Projectiology. Followed up by a technical discussion this event allow students to focus on the conscientiological analysis of the movie.


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The Astral City movie is based on the book with the same name written by renowned and acclaimed medium Francisco Cândido Xavier. Psychographed in 1944 the book accounts the extraordinary real story of life and death of “André Luiz” – recognised by some to be Carlos Chagas (1879–1934) a renowned sanitary physician and Brazilian scientist. The film author narrates the extraphysical odyssey of the recently departed physician that discovers that life carries on and that the happy or sad results of his/her acts after life on “the other side” have serious consequences on the other life he needs to face. The remarkable special effects allows the spectator to immerse himself and reflect about life after death understanding the complexities of evolving extraphysical community located beyond our dimension but in the vicinity of the earth surface.

Join this event to study in greater depth topics such as:

– Life after life

– Existential program

– Interconsciential assistance

– Multidimensionality

– Karma

and much more!

Watch the official Trailer of the movie:   



Admissions: £15

Registrations click here

(Pre-booking recommended)

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