The Journal of Conscientiology

The Journal of Conscientiology

Articles related to the study of the consciousness


This journal publishes articles related to the study of the consciousness, aiming at deepening the understanding of its nature. In conscientiology, the consciousness is analyzed through its attributes, energies, and manifestations in a multidimensional and multiexistential basis.

The analysis, therefore, includes psychic and paranormal phenomena as instruments of research. The lucid out-of-body experience is considered a crucial tool to enhance the understanding of multidimensional manifestation and the evolutionary process. Conscientiology investigates multidimensional self-awareness, considering the individual as a whole (non-physical bodies, multiple existences, and interdimensional perceptions, communication and manifestation). The Jofis committed to an unbiased exploration of these issues.

The JofC is the official means of communication in the area of Conscientiology and Projectiology. It is being collected by psychical research organizations, specialized libraries, researchers, and interested people in general.

The JofC is a quarterly publication with articles written by members and researchers all over the world in English, and eventually in other languages.
A “journal” is a publication which expresses the leading-edge studies performed by the research institution it represents. It is a very important publication that a research organization uses to keep its members, participants and researchers informed of the recent studies and theories created in its area of investigation. This is the ideal tool for those who wish to study a specific field of knowledge.

JofC is a publication of the International Academy of Consciousness.

The IAC does not hold or express corporate views. Each article in this publication is the responsibility of the author, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or research backing of the Journal of Conscientiology or the IAC.

The Journal of Conscientiology (ISSN 1520-4049) is published quarterly in January, April, July, and October. JofC is edited by IAC’s London Office, and is published and distributed by the IAC’s Florida Office.

No part of any contribution may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the JofC and the author of the article, except for the quotation of brief passages in criticism and discussion. The source of the quotation should always be mentioned.

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